The Harvest Past for the Dying Universalist

ISpencer“Here is a moving account of the tragic death-bed of a hopeless universalist who has seen the error of his way, but refuses to pray to God for mercy. Ichabod Spencer (1797-1854) recounts this emotional scene with such vivedness (sp) that you feel yourself an eyewitness to the scene. Hear this man plead with his younger brother not to follow his ways, and see him confront his father who raised him in the false doctrine of universal salvation. This is one of the most amazing incidents recorded in the book “A Pastor’s Sketches” which is filled with amazing incidents drawn from the pastoral journal of a remarkable pastor who was nicknamed THE BUNYAN OF BROOKLYN.” (Quote from “Brief Sermon Overview” on Sermon Audio)

More than sixteen years have now passed away since the occurence of which I am now to write made its first impression upon me but  I am still unable to recall the scene to my mind without the most painful emotions.  There was something in that whole scene too horrible for description and I would much rather were to consult my own feelings, pass it over in silence.  And let a vail be drawn over it forever, than have the recollection revived by copying the notes made respecting it. 

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6 thoughts on “The Harvest Past for the Dying Universalist

  1. Chilling story of what happens when people have no time for God through their life Alas at death they find it is too late for them. Also what an amazing story of God’s mercy and grace, that he worked through this dying man to draw the younger brother to Himself.


  2. It is hard to find the words for this one. It is far beyond belief the reaction of the father.
    And yet, despite the father, the younger brother did not despise God, as did his father.

    This has to be listened to.

    Words do fail me.


  3. Wow. Thanks for posting this Brother Michael. Excellent post and very sobering.

    I can’t help but consider that the son’s anger toward his dad (after he was led astray by him his hole life) will be shared by those who find themselves standing before God on judgment day after attending church their whole life under a pastor who tickled their ears with sermons on sex, life lessons from King David, how to improve your marriage, the keys to financial success, finding the “gospel” in the latest Hollywood movie, and all the other distractions that one can come dream up.

    Right now many professing Christian staunchly resist us and come up with every excuse to justify the shenanigans of their favorite pastors, but one day, these men they praised and defended so vehemently will be the fuel of their cursings for eternity.

    This post reminds me of a very sobering video featured on a previous DefCon post in the past seen here.

    Thanks again for reminding us of the weight and seriousness of the Truth and how in the end, what one does with Christ will be ALL that matters.

    – The Pilgrim


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