Slovakia and the Political Influence of the Catholic Church

concordathitlerPlease listen to the recent audio message by Richard Bennett of Berean Beacon about Slovakia and her political agreements with the Vatican.  This will give you great insight into how Roman Catholicism is much more than merely a religious system, but rather a very wily and cunning civil power.  And her power is growing greatly as she enters into concordats with nations across the globe such as what she did with the Nazi regime and Hitler in 1933.

Needless to say this should be very troubling to any true believer of Jesus Christ.  Herein, let us be engaged in prayer for our brethren and their families where the iron grasp of Romanism is felt much more acutely than presently in America.  Believers not only in Slovakia but many nations across the globe where Rome exercises great power and control over the people.

Let us also pray for the Catholics who come under this heavy hand where many of them come under persecution for being nominal in their faith.  Let us pray that the Spirit might open their eyes up to the truth of the Roman religious system where she is the prophesied woman who sits “… upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy.” (Rev 17:3)  And that they might come to hear, understand and believe the gospel of grace whereby they see the Lord Jesus Christ not hanging powerless on the crucifix, but rather seated in the heavens on the Father’s right hand with all power and authority.

One thought on “Slovakia and the Political Influence of the Catholic Church

  1. Any student of history will see this as par for the course for the worldly cult known as the Roman Catholic Church. ’tis sad indeed, but the Lord will preserve His saints, amidst the false saints of that synagogue of Satan.


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