Stepping out of our comfort zones.

HT: Desert Pastor

3 thoughts on “Stepping out of our comfort zones.

  1. I was glad to see the comment near the end – “Our greatest need is prayer”. Without that, my main impression was – likely NOT the intention – that one is not in the will of God unless one does as these two men do. Here’s the rub: we are commanded to take care of families – it’s a higher priority than going to Africa; though it may involve taking the family to Africa. Tozer neglected his family to such a degree that it’s a serious dark stain on his life.

    Where we are is the place we need to be known as sons of the living God. Once we are faithful in that, it may be time to enlarge our circle – but never at the expense of the family God has given us.


  2. Manfred – What you write is absolutely true and something we do not always hear as it is the front line that is often lauded as being the place where Christians need to be; that evangelism is our sole focus. Yet the Scriptures testify only some are called to be evangelists.

    Likewise, as you noted, often times children and wives suffer greatly when men forsake their God-given responsibility to provide for them; not simply with a paycheck but with love, intimacy, teaching and most of all time. For it is written:

    But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” (I Tim 5:8)

    The fallout when men do not provide is ruinous to the family and causes unbelievers to blaspheme God as many are unable to rule well their own household. This can lead children to forsake the faith, resent their fathers and to rebel against authority. Wives, because their marriage bed is often cold, can tragically fall into adultery due to lack of intimacy with their husband.

    I’m sure we can all cite examples both of well know ministers in this situation and also those in our own lives. One brother whom I am very close to is a case in point. He was on the fast track in the Southern Baptist convention in church growth and establishing new congregations in the north west. Certainly a work of the Lord one would think as this is what he told himself to justify how much he neglected his family. This due to meetings, travel all over the country and a very busy schedule.

    His wife thankfully was completely faithful and there were no major issues there, but he greatly grieves the loss in his relationship with his children. They, from what I understand still harbor resentment for all the time he spent with others and not with them. And for all the days and weeks on end he was away teaching others, ministering to them, and building churches as they sat at home without him teaching them and building them in the faith. Time that will never be able to be recaptured.


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