Pro-life activist shot down in cold blood.

ProLife Shooting

Here’s the news story from

7 thoughts on “Pro-life activist shot down in cold blood.

  1. I am waiting to hear from MSNBC and others in the Lying Media to denounce this act.

    Yep. I’m here, still holding my breath… and turning a lovely shade of blue at this point.

    – Jeff H


  2. I have been reading the comments generated by this story (I am not referring to the comments here on DefendingContending, I am referring to the comments attached to the original story from the local reporters in Michigan on their site, and that the comments are only displayed at that site when you follow the link to the story on the second murder). My observation is that there are basically two themes that run throughout:

    1) Why was there so little national coverage of Pouillon’s murder, and so much to Tiller’s.

    2) The sign showing the truth of abortion – in pictures – was highly offensive to many.

    It must have been nice for those people to have been able to sleep at night knowing that unwanted children are ‘taken care of’ out of sight of the general public. That way they didn’t have to think about it too much.

    Mr. Poillon must have made that difficult, or even impossible for them.

    How inconvenient!

    Perhaps it is a nagging conscience convicting some of the parents that their own children might have ended up on Mr. Pouillon’s sign if they had made a different ‘choice’.

    Here are some of the comments:

    I wonder where the national state-run media is on this story. If this were reversed and an anti-abortion activist had killed an abortion doctor, you would never hear the end of it.

    I guess it’s too much to think they might be fair.

    Seems that way…

    It has been determinined by the initial investigation that Mr. Pouillon was indeed murdered for his anti-abortion views, and even more so for his signs, as this poster points out:

    the shooter said he killed him b/c he was “offended by his anti-abortion views”.

    Now notice the theme #2 kicking in:

    I am from this town and I can tell you this man was probally not killed for his views. He was probally killed because he stood in front of elementary, middle and high schools with a sign of a dead baby. I know I don’t want my children exposed to that.

    So, killing a baby is o.k., but having a sign in front of a school with the associated picture on it is wrong.

    MAYBE the children will be moved to ask mommy and daddy what happened to those babies and why.

    Getting a little uncomfortable for you, mom and dad?

    And it continues:

    I grew up looking at that man and his sign. It [deleted] everyone off. For someone that is supposed to be a “good christian” he would display this sign outside of Sunday schools, elementary schools, and mainly places that small children would see. That’s not to say he wouldn’t stand in places that made sense like city hall or the local Planed Parenthood, too. The fact of the mater is I will not sit here and listen to people call him a hero. The man was sick, and he did nothing to further his cause. He just made a lot of people angry. The fact that two men were murdered is a tragedy, but to call Mr. Poullion a hero or martyr is twisted.

    And his signs are one the many reasons that I am pro-choice.

    WOW! So, a ‘good Christian’ is supposed to endorse (or at least wink at) killing children?

    And the gigantic leap of ‘logic’ at the end… well.

    This person was soundly rebuked by this poster:

    Being pro-choice because someone shows you what abortion is REALLY about indicates a rather shallow and cavalier attitude, don’t you think?

    I’ve seen pictures of the dogs Michael Vick abused. Hmmmm, I think I’ll start supporting dog fighting as a legitmate sport!

    And now, back to the fallen man comment gallery. Notice how it’s really the fault of free speech that Mr. Pouillon was murdered:

    What kind of idiotic public officials let this nutcake do this directly in front of a school?
    This was asking for trouble. They should all be asked to explain why they let this situation happen and what they’re doing to not let it happen again.

    Look for even fewer rights for Americans, especially Christians, on the horizon.

    And of course, the ‘bait and switch’. See if you can follow the ‘logic’ here.

    what do you expect?the anti choicers kill abortion providers all the the pro-overpopulationists will think before they kill!


    Abortion providers (murderers) have been murdered by pro-lifers…

    Mr. Pouillon was a pro-lifer…

    Therefore Mr. Pouillon was a murderer.

    Don’t worry, I couldn’t follow the ‘logic’ either.


    That being said, Mr. Pouillon never murdered anyone. How did he end up getting lumped in there?

    Be careful, Christians, that is the trend that can get us to being labeled ‘dangerous’ and to be outlawed. The ‘birthing pangs’ are evident.

    Here is a post that throws the white-hot spotlight of clarity onto the ‘offensive picture’ complaint:

    If a late-term abortionist was killed CNN would be running the story all day, everyday for a week. They would be smearing everyone that is against abortion and drawing all sorts of crazy conclusions. If holding offensive signs of dead people were worthy of death then there would have been THOUSANDS of dead anti-war protestors over the last 8 or so years.

    So what did Mr. Pouillon do:

    No matter how hot or how cold it was outside, no matter what horrible words/comdemnation people in passing cars scram or things/objects they have thrown at him, no matter how busy or how tough things in his own life got, no matter how tired or how difficult it was for him to breath [he was disabled and on oxygen], walk, stand, he was there as a witness to the truth of the sanctity of those lives forgotten and thrown away by society.

    And here is some more sad truth:

    This may never make it past this board. People watching CNN, ABC, and the likes may never be shown the true face of the pro-life movement. The media have continued to feed our society a distorted verison, hiding the beauty of these people for decades and I want to call them out of their radical deception of pro-life people!

    And finally:

    I am wondering WHY when Dr. Tiller was gunned down for HIS beliefs on PRO-ABORTION, so much of his philosophy was heralded across the news day after day and HATE CRIME was attached to his death from the moment it happened, yet let an ANTI-ABORTIONIST be gunned down for HIS beliefs and there is NOT EVEN A WHISPER of “HATE CRIME.” Does Hate Crime ONLY apply to liberals who are victims?


    What excuse does a “pro-choicer” have for killing someone holding a sign? Ooops, maybe it’s no more than another choice, right?

    Well said.

    Come Lord Jesus!

    – Jeff H


  3. Excellent commentary Jeff H.

    Thanks for your reporting of this information.

    I don’t watch TV so I have no idea how this is being handled in the media, but based on your comment it sounds like the media is treating it just as I suspected they would.

    Objectivity in news reporting is as extinct as the Dodo Bird.

    – The Pilgrim


  4. Judging from peoples comments the theme is he deserved it, and these people have no mercy for him at all. “We want to sin so leave us alone and don’t dare show us the consequences of that sin.” They hate the light as it exposes their dark sinful deeds. It’s hard to believe at times how hardened hearts are becoming. If it was an animal or another Tiller people would be up in arms about it. This man’s life is nothing. I am sad, and troubled at the absence of compassion though it is to be expected. I can’t imagine what things will be like as we get closer to the coming of Jesus, when all restraint is removed as I have heard John Mc. say “Hitler will then seem like a Sunday school teacher.”Come Lord Jesus.


  5. This indeed is a sad commentary but to be expected! I must say when we were in England, TDP posted a couple of pages out of a magazine that showed a baby growing in the womb. Two of the women threw an absolute fit over it and had nothing nice to say about it. Now these were women that ran the SS and did a lot within the church. What can you expect when the church members can’t stand to have the truth brought to light? You definitely can’t expect the world to have much good to say about those who try to share the truth!

    Yes, Lord, come quickly!


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