Film review: “The Monstrous Regiment of Women.”

Having no idea what this video was about, I recently watched The Monstrous Regiment of Women. I quickly found myself not wanting it to end. It was a great documentary detailing the effects that feminism has had on our culture. This documentary includes interviews with Phyllis Schlafly (of the Eagle Forum), Stacy McDonald (who wrote Raising Maidens of Virtue) as well as a feminist and several pro-abortion supporters.

One of the most fascinating parts of the documentary is a trip inside a Planned Parenthood event for kids and an interview with former abortion mill operator Carol Everett (of The Heidi Group) who reveals the dark secrets of the abortion industry.

Although the video starts off a little slow (about the first ten minutes) it picks up and leaves you wanting more. I highly recommend this video to the readers of DefCon, but be cautioned, some scenes may not be suitable for children (e.g. video of an aborted child).

The Gunn Brother’s second documentary, goes all out to demolish the feminist worldview. From a consistently Christian perspective, they show how feminism has had a devastating impact on the church, state, and family. Starting with the infamous 16th century essay written by the reformer John Knox against the reigning female monarch, the Gunn Brothers find plenty of application to America’s political landscape; where feminists vie for every possible office including the presidency. Featuring an all star, all female cast, the Gunn Brothers prove that feminism has in fact restricted choices for all women, brought heartache to the lives of many, and perpetuated the largest holocaust since the beginning of time.

Here’s the trailer (suitable for family viewing):

You can purchase the video at

13 thoughts on “Film review: “The Monstrous Regiment of Women.”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation! Just finished watching it and it was wonderful!! (I rented it from NETFLIX!! Which is awesome for those of us who can’t afford to purchase it) It was a wonderful encouragement to me! It should have a warning label though, CAUTION: highly offensive for women even women in the church!! We’ve been sold a lie and its incredibly difficult to change our mindsets when it comes to these sensitive issues. Please pray for women such as myself that struggle as we go against the flow of not only mainstream society but the church as well.


  2. Thank you so very much for this review! After watching the trailer, I was very anxious to watch it and I loved it. So full of truth! Thank you for telling us about this movie!


  3. I haven’t seen it in a couple years, Katy.
    I know it’s a tough subject and one that most evangelicals would rather not deal with (like the subjects of fatherhood, parenting, modesty, holiness in the church, etc.)
    Time to watch it again.


  4. Piligrim,

    Did you get a chance to watch it again? I actually decided to purchase a copy so I have it. It’s just fantastic…so full of truth! I wish every woman could watch it and maybe *understand* how modern views have become so warped.

    The interview with Ms. Everett made my stomach twist though (the lady who used to work with Planned Parenthood). It is shocking and awful what they would (and still) do!!


  5. No, Katy, I have not watched it the second time yet and this week we’re planning on lending it out so I’m not sure when I’ll watch it again. I’ll try to set aside some time in the near future.

    I also have yet to watch “Amazing Grace” (the video on the Doctrines of Grace) that you recommended. I’ll try to watch that (for the first time) soon as well.


  6. We just finished watching this movie, and it was BEYOND AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to tell people about it. It gave us so much to think about.


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