Gerber’s new “Christian Baby Food.”

Gerber’s new “Christian Baby Food” from Sacred Sandwich:

Gerber Baby Food

HT: Atlantic Baptist

6 thoughts on “Gerber’s new “Christian Baby Food.”

  1. While intended to be in a humorous vein, the picture of an adult face on a baby’s body is, sadly, very true of what we find in many churches. What is even worse is that many think they can remain in this state for years and years, and STILL claim that they know the sovereign God Who made it clear in His infallible Word that we WILL be conformed to the image of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    In addition, what is heart-breaking is when pastors look out and they know with spiritual discernment that many fit into this mental image of what is in the congregation. It is not always that pastors do not feed, sometimes the people do not wish to eat what is being given from the pulpit.


  2. In the Church that I attend and serve their was a couple who left the church because “the pastor was preaching too much from the Bible.”
    That’s the exact quote.


  3. papapatriot,

    When I pastored in England, I had a woman come to see my wife and I at our house to say that they were “tired of being convicted of their sins” and that they were leaving to another place where they would “hear nice fluffy messages.” Those were the exact quotes!


  4. PapaPatriot:
    I think that is the sentiment of many more people than we think, they just don’t express it verbally like the couple who left your church did.

    Desert Pastor:
    In my experience goats like being goats and they don’t want to be sheep.

    Your comment definitely sheds light on the fact that the problem is a two-way street, both are at fault (pastor and congregation) and both will be responsible. But this does beg the question:

    Are the people shallow, immature, biblically illiterate, and spiritually malnourished because this is what they’re fed by their pastors, or are their pastors feeding them this baby formula because they’re only providing the “product” that their congregations are demanding?

    – The Pilgrim


  5. To me baby food looks disgusting and tastes about the same. I don’t see how my little boy can eat it but I guess that is all he knows other than formula.

    I guess it is the same way with doctrine. I don’t like weak watered down stuff and I don’t see how some people can like it. Perhaps that is all they have ever tasted???


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