What happens when you ask a Roman Catholic priest a tough question?

How much more do you think he would have squirmed in his chair and changed the topic if this had been the question:

How can you continue to represent the Roman Catholic religion in light of Romans, Galatians, and Hebrews (just to name three books of the Bible) that all contradict Roman Catholicism and prove it’s nothing more than falsehoods and traditions of men?

HT: Pastor Aaron

7 thoughts on “What happens when you ask a Roman Catholic priest a tough question?

  1. It is so not PC to put RCs on the spot /sarc!

    That young fella who calls himself a priest has been trained as a politician – answer a question that hasn’t been asked as a way to dodge a question that you don’t want to answer.

    Regarding the question below the video, I’ve asked Episcopal friends of mine how can they stay in a church that has an office of “priest”, filled by a human (the gender of which is a whole ‘nuther discussion), having read Hebrews? Silence.

    The light of God’s Truth is the only antidote – and only for those called by His grace into His marvelous light.


  2. The Roman Catholic Church really is one BIG joke and this guy is a fair representation!

    What annoys me though is that the RCC is all too often the stumbling block for many many people; they simply think that they are what Christianity is!

    Nothing could be further from the truth.


  3. I’m afraid to say this but many so called evangelicals with their seeker churches would not be able to answer this question.
    What would Joel Osteen say? “well I don’t know, It’s not me to judge, I just preach positive messages and Love them”


  4. You are correct. Biblical illiteracy runs rampant in Evangelical camps as well as RC camps.

    We deal with this problem a lot on DefCon and you can see the fruit of Biblical ignorance shine through in many comments that we get.

    We not only get resistance from the RC’s, but also from those who ‘profess’ to be fellow Christians whose favorite verse is Matthew 7:1 (wrested completely from its context of course).

    Gary Gilley hit the nail on the head when he said:
    Today, virtually every heresy found in the Christian ranks can be traced back to some form of rejection of the Bible as God’s final authority. It may be pragmatism (which adds success to the Bible); mysticism (which adds experience); tradition (which adds the past): legalism (which adds man’s rules); or philosophy such as psychology (which adds man’s wisdom). The end result is all the same: the Word of God takes a back seat to the inventions and imaginations of men.

    – The Pilgrim


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