Quotes (570)


“You would have loved the communion service we had during that weekend…After a few opening remarks we began to pray and sing familiar hymns as different ones led. [Ed] McCully broke the bread and gave thanks for the cup. It took a long time for the single cup and plate to get around to 180 people, so we sang as it was passed, ‘Spirit of God Descend Upon My Heart,’ ‘When I Survey the Wondrous Cross,’ Amazing Grace,’ ‘O Love That Will Not Let Me Go,’ ‘Crown Him With Many Crowns,’ etc. Hardly a soul that wasn’t moved to worship. Oh, why cannot the Spirit lead us more often thus? How long shall we trust in man’s programming to accomplish the work of His Spirit in men’s souls?

–Jim Elliott, 1949

2 thoughts on “Quotes (570)

  1. One of my hero’s; although, he would no doubt be embarrassed by my saying so. I truly look forward to meeting him in our Father’s Kingdom.


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