Recognizing those who are taking a stand against the current downgrade.

There are few left who continue to be a voice in the wilderness. It seems that warning the flock and taking a stand against the relentless tide of apostasy, heresy, lukewarmness, easy-believeism, and countless other cancers that are plaguing the Body is often met with resistance by the mass lemmings of lukewarm professing Christians and false converts alike.

So when someone takes a stand against this deluge I would like to honor their effort and support their courageous stance–letting them know that, as the great delusion continues its march through Christendom, they are not alone; there are still a few out there who have not bowed the knee to Baal.

I wish to take a moment to recognize a couple examples of those who still have integrity and strive to live holy lives while the rest of the church is living like God gave us no Law or commands.

Lifeway Christian BookstoreOne example is Southern Baptist Pastor Channing Kilgore who is urging Lifeway Christian Bookstores to remove the heretical books from their shelves. Of course I seriously doubt his request will be heeded. After all, most Christian bookstores are in it for the money, otherwise they wouldn’t be selling such doctrines of demons as The Shack!

You can read more about Pastor Kilgore’s brave stance in this article from One News Now, and read more about “Christian” bookstores here and here.

HT: Rock Springs

ProfanityAnother example is Dick Bott of the Bott Radio Network. According to the Baptist Press, on May 18, 2009, an interview with Mark Driscoll was . . .

. . . halted in mid-broadcast after Bott Network founder Dick Bott learned Driscoll was the guest. Bott then cancelled another scheduled interview and ordered all Bott stations not to carry any programs featuring Driscoll.

Dick Bott has taken a stand against the potty-mouthed pastor while the rest of the world seems to be falling at Driscoll’s feet, stumbling over one another just to touch the hem of his garment, including Pilgrim Radio who–until until recently–I  used to endorse on this very blog.

The Baptist Press article continues:

Bott said he made the decision because of what he saw as Driscoll’s penchant for using vulgarity in his sermons, especially his questionable interpretation of the Song of Solomon in a Nov. 18, 2007, sermon preached in Edinburgh, Scotland, and subsequently in a multi-part series entitled “The Peasant Princess.” “I’ve seen a lot [about Driscoll] that’s on the Internet and that only makes the whole thing worse,” Bott said. “I’ve seen what he said at that church in Scotland and as far as I know he’s never addressed it in any repentant way or apologetically tried to explain why on earth he got so far off the reservation as to think that that’s the way to address people.”

That is all I will quote from the article as they give examples of Driscoll’s sermons which are unfit to print here (much less should be preached from a pulpit).

I would be remiss if I did not mention John MacArthur and Phil Johnson who have also challenged the current lowbrow trend of ‘pornificating’ the pulpit. In MacArthur’s missives found here and here, and Johnson’s sermon found here, they both not only address the problem of smut-peddling pastors, but they both address Driscoll specifically. Thank you to John MacArthur, Phil Johnson and Dick Bott for taking a stand against the onslaught of perversity that has cloaked itself under the guise of “Christianity.”

29 thoughts on “Recognizing those who are taking a stand against the current downgrade.

  1. Thank you Pilgrim for the faithful stand you, and your fellow Bereans, have taken in contending for the faith once delivered unto the saints. The tragic state of Christianity today is evident when so many are more than willing to cast aside God’s Word as the standard of truth, faith, and Christian behavior in favor of their chosen standard of personal feeling, attempting to be culturally “relevant” and abiding by cultural taboos. Then giving lip service to a “Christ” whose word they do not obey, whose commands they ignore, whose way they have forsaken. It is no wonder that rank perversity, outright false doctrine, gross attacks on the very character of Jesus, and unashamed blasphemies, are now lauded by professing Christians as cool, relevant “Christianity” and are now even preached from the pulput! The Lord has drawn a line in the sand. Those who are His must persevere in faithfulness to Him and His word (which He has magnified above His own Name), and pray unceasingly for our friends and loved ones, in these days of increasing spiritual darkness.

    Pilgrim and fellow Bereans: always remember, that no matter how alone you may feel at times, God has reserved seven thousand who still have not bowed the knee to Baal.


  2. These people who go against the popular anything goes christianity today need our prayers. Praise God He will always preserve a faithful remnant. It is not easy to be ridiculed, treated like lepers and outcasts because of a righteous stand. I thank my Father daily for these people who do this publicly on a day to day basis. I am greatly encouraged by them.


  3. Amen and thanks for this post.

    I would add mention of three elders that I know personally who are firm against this downgrade:

    Randall Easter of Briar Texas, who calls “Lifeway” “LiberalWay” and preferred reduced membership in his church rather than accept Masons.

    Paul Renfro and Voddie Baucham of Houston, Texas, who weekly preach and walk in the faith, calling out the error and apostasy of popular wolves; pleading with the saints of God to look unto Him and His Word alone.

    No doubt there are many faithful who are less well known than Rick, Bill, Kerry, Joel, et. al. After all, the world loves these because they love the world. Why would the world promote the humble men who tell people everywhere to repent and ttrust in the Lord?

    The lines are drawn. Pray for eyes to see.


  4. Isn’t this the same Lifeway who sells Beth Moore? Beth Moore’s books are full of scripture-twisting, claims of special revelation, pop psychology and other false teachings. So do we really expect them to NOT sell The Shack and other nonsense?


  5. I questioned the manager of our local Lifeway when I saw a T. D. Jakes. He explained to me that there is a committee of people that review books before they go on sale in the store (which is an arm of the Southern Baptist Convention). He said that in the past titles have been pulled from the shelves by orders from Nashville. He said they were stocking Jakes due to customer requests for more black authors. Surely they could find a black author from the past or present that was more orthodox than Jakes.

    I can hardly stand going into Lifeway or any other Christian retailer because my stomach turns at all of the Christian clutter, figurines and other dust catchers that are all made in China where the gospel is firmly suppressed.


  6. I avoid at all cost now the so-called “Christian” bookstores as they grieve me to the point I want to be like Gideon and tear down all the high places and burn the heretical works. Maybe less than 5% of the material is worthy of not being burned.

    And then you have the statues, painting and pictures that remind me of Catholic bookstores I have been in. The Pope and his Jesuits must be well pleased.

    Rather than supporting these corporate organizations opposed to the truth, I’m including some sites that I hope profit those looking for doctrinally sound materials to benefit them and their families. Note that I am not affiliated with any of these sites. Be blessed.


  7. Any connection between “Christian” bookstores and Christianity is, often, purely consequential.


  8. So glad Dick Bott stood up, wondered what he was doing. I have that station around here and I wonder if he knew about some of the problems with Focus on the Family and other radio shows…if he’d do something similar. His radio station makes a big impact around here…


  9. Habakkuk:
    “I can hardly stand going into Lifeway or any other Christian retailer because my stomach turns at all of the Christian clutter, figurines and other dust catchers that are all made in China where the gospel is firmly suppressed.”

    Spot on!

    Brother Michael:
    I would also add to that list.

    Jefferey Guill:
    Every person counts. Thank you for taking the stand you did. I too published a post on Christian book and paraphernalia stores and the excuses the bookstore owner gave me for carrying the sewer sludge of apostate materials. You can read that post here.

    – The Pilgrim


  10. This Driscoll chap seems to have built ‘sound’ foundations and then used them to go way beyond Scriptural teaching or what is acceptable from a ‘pastor’s’ mouth. Some of his early stuff wasn’t too bad (in appearance) – but he has moved on from there into full on stupidity. Someone needs to get him back onto the straight and narrow, quickly – for his sake and the sake of the souls of others..


  11. I once considered opening a Christian bookstore, but then realized I would have so few books to sell and be asked to provide books I could never agree with.


  12. I was reading some of the comments on the One News website about Brother Channing and him wanting to remove the books. Some of the most hateful things I have ever read, especially the people calling him a Nazi. Also accusing him of censorship and violating the 1st Amendment. In my estimation, you can see these people are more worried about their favorite false teachers being affected than standing up against error in the body of Christ.


  13. Brother Michael said, And then you have the statues, painting and pictures that remind me of Catholic bookstores I have been in. The Pope and his Jesuits must be well pleased.

    A hearty “second” to that, brother!


  14. I contacted Bott Radio Network and let them know I am glad they took an open stand against vulgarity and improper teaching. This was the reply:

    “Anytime one takes a position it does divide. While we do our best to make these decisions based solely on God’s Word, it is encouraging to hear from listeners that support and appreciate standards. We consider it a privilege to dialogue with you.

    Please do let us know if you ever hear something that doesn’t sound quite right. We appreciate your help in honoring the Lord over the airwaves.”

    I am glad that radio station is willing to take critique and encourages discernment….


  15. ChristianLady;

    Sadly, the same could not be said for Pilgrim Radio. After sending my letter to them I received a trite little response that essentially told me that they don’t care about Driscoll’s potty mouth. This was because they have a broad audience.

    “Broad” is right. Didn’t Jesus say something about a broad road? Hmmmm.

    – The Pilgrim


  16. One time a friend and I went into the local “Christian” crookstore, cringing as we did, and started looking around. I noted out loud to my friend about Beth Moore’s books and how she teaches men. As we walked by another catagory of books I noticed one from the RCC and mentioned aloud how RCers in Mexico are persecuting Christians. I did this in hopes that someone might actually hear me.

    Someone did.

    A woman came over and said she couldn’t help but her me mention Beth Moore and did I know where her books were. I said yes, and then proceeded to tell her what’s wrong with Moore. It gave her food for thought, as she was not aware of much of what I said.

    In short, sadly “Christian” crookstores are a place to evangelize and warn others. Those who work there don’t know nor do they care about the content of their books or the authors. Its not a ministry but a business. Shame on them.


  17. Denise:

    I’ve often thought about working in a Christian bookstore as a way to lead people to the handful of books worthy of reading and directing people away from the trash. However, I imagine that would be a full-time job in itself and I’m sure I would not be able to do it long without losing my job.

    Check out my other post on Christian bookstores entitled:
    Are Christian bookstore owners responsible for what they sell?
    In it I relate a conversation I had with the owner of one and his excuses for selling the heretical apostate materials that lined his shelves.

    Also check out Do you support your local Christian bookstore?

    – The Pilgrim


  18. I like Denise’s proper title, ‘Christian Crookstore’! I went into such a place at the mall, thinking they’d have John MacArthur’s ‘Hard to Believe’. The first thing that greeted me was a portrait of ‘smilin’ Joe’ and his best life now garbage. Then there was coffee mugs, candles, paintings, jewelry, t-shirts, you all get the picture. Normal everyday stuff with a verse plastered on it, or a catchy phrase, which somehow magically transforms the normal stuff into being ‘Christian’.
    As I waded through the sea of ‘Jesus junk’, I found an employee and asked if they had any John MacArthur material. As contemporary Christian music blared in the background, he stated he’d never heard of him…should we be surprised?

    May God continue to bless His remnant.


  19. I have been in a small email exchange with Lifeway about materials they carry by a particular author. In the emails they keep stating that they the author is orthodox (has a sound theology, not Eastern Orthodox). They keep stressing this point. They make it sound like they would carry his materials if they fount anything in them contrary to sound doctrine.

    But they carry The Shack. A book that deffinitely is not orthodox and was written by an author that dose not have orthodox beliefs.

    It seems hypocritical to me.


  20. shane,

    Well, they do have to make money you know, and I’m “SURE” that they are all good tithers at their local churches. So, therefore, doesn’t it stand to reason that The Shack and other heretics are actually “doing the work of God” by providing a good steady source of income for all of Lifeway’s employees??!!

    Seriously, when a person or company decides that making money and keeping the peace is more important than the truth of God’s Word, you can guarantee the slippery slope of decay will only grow steeper. Before long, I would expect Lifeway to sell just about whatever book is considered religious just to make another couple of bucks on the bottom line! Why just to pacify those who are on the fence and trying to “decide” for Christ, Lifeway will probably even consider adding some of the Dalai Lama’s writings before too long! After all, heresy is still heresy whether it is Warren, Hybels, the Pope, the Dalai Lama, or TD Jakes!


  21. shane,

    I live in Houston and was greatly grieved by the ad campaign for this book when it came out. Kerry Shook is a Robert Schuller kind of guy. I would no more give money to anything he has his name on than I would Joel Osteen or Rick Warren – lest he repents.


  22. That’s what I thought about the guy. The church that I am a member of is doing a small group class from this book.
    It looked like some self-help fluff to me.
    They should do a class on Bible interpretation and application. I think it would get better results.

    Lord willing my wife and I are going to go visitting a different church Sunday. We have fulfilled a duty we had voluntered for and are now free.


  23. shane,

    As when Rick Warren’s 40 days of madness swept through town several years ago, any “Christian” best seller can serve as a wake-up call to the redeemed, while comforting the damned.


  24. We recently heard from friends in our church (along with e-mail correspondance from Jim Schull at Lifeway: that Lifeway did in fact do business with Ingram’s – a large supplier of pornography and other sexual materials, and were prompted to find out the facts for ourselves. In doing so, we wrote Mr. Schull several weeks ago to learn the truth. Unfortunately, he did not deny the link to Ingrams, but justified the decision as necessary in today’s business world – not to mention making a statement that only Spring Arbor can meet the needs of Lifeway’s customers.

    In saying this, I would like to encourage you to find out for yourself about Lifeway’s partnership with Ingram, and Lifeways strong ties to the Southern Baptist Convention. Upon learning the facts, I would encourage you to let the truth and hope of Christ shine forth in this troubling matter. I’m certain many would, at the very least, wish to be educated of the link between Lifeway, the SBC, and the porn industry.

    This is important to us as Christians. I understand that no-one is perfect. As a Christian man, I struggle with sexual temptations myself. But I do believe that if a Christian company made up of many people can do the right thing, they should, and serve as an example to others. Hobby Lobby, a company who closes their stores on sunday, likely loses considerable profit – but they’ve chosen to serve and honor God, as well as be an encouraging witness to other Christians. Our nation currently struggles with doing the right thing, and people often become confused of what the truth is. We shouldn’t allow our Christian faith to become involved in such a debate.


  25. Hi all,

    I help to run a second hand Christian book and Bible store in the UK. We have been at pains to remove many of the authors that have been mentioned, plus others. It’s vital that we give people the truth.

    Love your site, will be a regular visitor.


    Stewart and team.


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