Quotes (566)

john-macarthur.jpg A woman who focuses on worshiping God will consider carefully how she is dressed, because her heart will dictate her wardrobe and appearance.

– John MacArthur

One thought on “Quotes (566)

  1. Worship of God of course being a 24×7 lifestyle of the saint of God, not something limited to a few hours a week. Here, I hope and pray more that woman in the body of Christ hear the Spirit and Word of God in this area; that is to adorn themselves in modest apparel. Tragically, for many fashion rather than Godly precepts dictates the dress or actually undress for their clothing choices.

    This being especially true where I am now (the coast) where many women who profess to be Christians have no qualms and feel no shame walking around in what equates to nothing more, and often less, than their bra and panties. And if not this, then it is low cut blouses and all other manner of dress designed to reveal flesh and not conceal it. Things that in days gone by would have made even unsaved women blush, now do not even cause a ripple in the body of Christ.

    If the trend continues, then in time the tops will come off even as they already are in Europe and elsewhere. And anyone who speaks out against it will be labeled a legalist just as happens today. May the LORD have mercy on us.


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