Quotes (561)

awpink.jpg How vain is the presumptuous hope of the wicked, who, notwithstanding their continued defiance of God, nevertheless count upon His being merciful to them. How many there are who say, I do not believe that God will ever cast me into Hell; He is too merciful. Such a hope is a viper, which if cherished in their bosoms will sting them to death. God is a God of justice as well as mercy, and He has expressly declared that He will “by no means clear the guilty” (Exodus 34:7).

– A.W. Pink

1886 – 1952

One thought on “Quotes (561)

  1. This is a great qoute and also brings to mind the anguish it causes me to think that the lost are exactly that………..lost.

    Aside from man always deflecting responsibilty and justifying himself, I believe part of the reason the lost man who has a little religion thinks that God will pardon him is due to the preachers.

    Those men (and sadly women) who have stood in pulpits (and on stages) for years preaching a watered down false gospel. Easy believism. ‘God has a wonderful plan for your life’ type of thing.

    ~You gotta love A.W Pink. Thank you for the qoute!


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