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So why do Catholics think we are bashing them when we are demonstrating a compelling love to show them how to escape the eternal lake of fire? It appears to be a pathetically weak defensive ploy to hide their lack of biblical understanding. By calling someone a name, they are released from any obligation to consider Scripture and evaluate truth. In this way, they can proudly dismiss any further confrontation or correction.

– Mike Gendron

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  1. Funny you should post this…I came across EWTN (the Catholic Network) and they were talking about the Promise of Infallibility. They defined it as: “The Pope and the bishops in union with Him, can NEVER teach error. The Pope can ONLY teach the truth in matters of faith and morals and it is GUARANTEED that it is THE TRUTH by the power and protection of the Holy Spirit.”
    And we have people saying the Catholic church is just another denomination? I think not!


  2. Over at Beggars All (a blog run by James Swan, who partners with James White at Team Apologian), Catholic apologist Dave Armstrong likes to call us “Anti-Catholics” because we dare to point out the errors rampant in Roman Catholicism.

    It’s a lot like the LDS who come here, when we post the truth about Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, etc and call us “Anti-Mormon.”


  3. Have you ever thought we do not want your “compelling love to show us how to escape the eternal lake of fire?” That maybe all we want is your love, just love.

    Not a love which has an agenda attached to it? Not a love that you are so right, and everyone else is doomed to hell if we do not listen to you or agree with how you see scripture. Most of all not a love that injures others for the sake of being right.

    What is wrong with just “love?” What is wrong with me walking up to you and you walking up to me, and saying, “You know I do not agree with you, but I love you and God loves both of us. Somehow we are going to come up with a way that we can live in peace and harmony with one another?” What is wrong wtih that?

    No let us rip each other apart. Let us hurt and injure souls. Let us be mean and cruel and most of all let us tell others if God is going to let them into heaven or not? After all it is our heaven and not God’s as some seem to think.

    I am so sick of this. Does anyone remember history as to how many Catholics and Protestants alike have died over these same issues? Murdered, burned at the stake, then we almost killed a whole nation of people called the American Indian over these same issues, as some “had a compelling love to show them how to escape an eternal like of fire.” All done in the Name of Jesus. How sick is this?

    I was just talking with a man from Ireland who is a Catholic where Protestants come into their homes, bash them in the heads, put them in a trunk of a car and they are gone forever. He is over here and can never go home. This is just sad to me.

    If we do not learn it is not about us, that it is about God, and to get off of our street corners and learn some restraint and discipline as these are also part of being a Christian, we are going to end up just like Ireland and other countries and just like the history of the past.

    Had you all just rather us be murdered and our Churches burned down? That we fall off of the face of the earth, as that is how many so called Christians make us feel. That is not right.

    Catholics are not all right, but by gosh neither are you.

    I am sorry if I sound angry but I am. I do not want to offend anyone, but I am so sick of all of this. If you truly cared about my soul that would be one thing, but mostly all that is cared about is our souls being injured for the sake of you being right.

    God will pronounce His judgment on my soul, and I leave that to His hands, not yours or anyone elses. If I go to a lake of fire I do it because within my heart I am doing what I feel God has called me to do. Who is anyone to come against that? That is between God and I alone and is no one’s elses business.

    Love me for who I am. Love me with all of my faults and all of my failings. Love me even in the wrong you feel I live in. If you do not love me like this, then please do not love me at all.


  4. Hi Sandy,

    I would agree wholeheartedly with your comment, were it not for one problem that I hope you will consider:

    What if Catholics have a false gospel (Galatians 1:8-9)? What if they really are headed for the lake of fire?

    What if protestants are the ones with the false gospel? Don’t you believe the Catholic teaching that protestants are in big trouble? Don’t you care enough about me to attempt to persuade me? Do you care whether I spend eternity in hell? Or do you just believe there is no absolute truth, and we’re all going to heaven?



  5. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for your kind words. I am a Catholic Bill, but a convert. So I know both sides of this coin and truly we agree with about 80% but that 20% is killing us all.

    This is my answers to all your questions. Care about you, I love you, with the love and heart I hope of Jesus I do not care if you are purple and yellow and call yourself a duck.

    We are going to for the sake of argument say you are a Protestant and I believe you have a false gospel? I would do you like I do the Jehovah Witness who come to my door. (By the way we have some really good conversations:>) I am not saying they have a false gospel, but sometimes I question how they see a scripture in the Bible.

    I would explain to you I am Catholic and if you asked me questions I would tell you how I believe and why. I would also ask you questions and have you explain your beliefs and why you believe them. I would show you in the Word where I get my beliefs and you would probably show me. There is no false gospel in the Word, it stands on it’s own. It is how man sees it where the problem lies.

    If you looked at me and said, “Sandy I cannot go it. I just believe that even though it is in the Word, I cannot put it together as Catholics do.” My response would be:

    “Bill do you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.” You would tell me “Yes.” “Do you believe in everything He did for you on the Cross?” You would say, “yes.” “Do you believe He rose from the dead.” “Yes.” Then I would look at you and say, “Peace be with You my Brother.” My next comment would be, “Somehow God is going to work all of this out. Until He does I will love you.”

    You see Bill, no amount of “compelling love” from another person can ever save our souls from hell or send them to heaven. That has already been done through the perfected work of Jesus and the Cross.
    We are called to lead others to Christ, and to show them Christ. We must do this with all the love in our hearts and patience. When and if we get them there, we have to turn lose of their hands, and let them and Jesus take it from there.

    We need to be there if they fall or need help. Outside of praying we have done all we can do. There are too many religions in this world for us not to have tolerance of human beings. Protestants should know that better than anyone. The Churches have sprung up and broken off so many times, for me it is hard to tell who is right and who is wrong. This is one reason I left, everybody had an opinion. Everybody saw it differently. I have a Luthern friend and she told me the Church had broken off either 22 or 29 times. Martin Luther would not even know his Church today. But I love her and she and I get along fine with our different beliefs. It is called respect, tolerance, patience and love with no strings attached. I do not have to dance to her drummer and she does not have to dance to mine. My husband is Protestant also, and we get along great.

    I care enough about you Bill. I care enough about you to show you the love of Jesus. I care enough about you to trust that you and God know what your own calling is in your life. I trust what God did for you by sending His Son, and what the Cross did for your soul. I care enough about you to never belittle you or make you feel like dirt. I would rather cut off my right arm then make someone feel like that,

    If you have never known the Lord, I care enough about you to lead you there, and then let you go. I care enough about you to give you a Bible. To tell you there is no greater love than what He has for you. You see Bill it is to Jesus we need to lead others, not to our beliefs or doctrines, or “our compelling” love to keep you out of hell, because it can’t. When we get there Jesus will take care of you. You will go then to whatever Church the Holy Spirit directs you to.

    We must all work out our “own” salvation with fear and trembling. My salvation is mine and it is between God and myself. I do not let man tread there at all. The reason for this is, is because we are all sinners.

    Never in my life would I do these things and think you had to do it my way. I want you to do it whatever way you feel God is leading you to do.

    Yeah, I care enough about you, to do it this way. As to me, this is the way of Jesus. If you want to love me, then do not try and make me do it your way. If that is what you want, then please again, do not love me at all. That love hurts and belittles. That is not to me, the love of Jesus.

    God Bless


  6. Bill,

    Two other things regarding your post.

    Do I believe the Catholic teaching that Protestants are in big trouble? No as that is not what the Church teaches. The Catechism says and this is not a direct quote but that we are brothers and sisters due to our common belief in God. If you want to go and look it up go to a book store and I paid 8.99 for mine. It is a white paper back with blue trim and gold letters. See this is how all of this gets started, is through misquotes and not understanding. If you want to know a question from us, all you have to do is ask and we will do our best to explain it.

    Also I want you to know I did not leave being a Protestant because I thought something was wrong with it. I just tried to find a common belief system and if I went to one Church they did not play music, another you had to be really really quiet, another they were out of the pews dancing which was all fine with me. I loved it all I enjoyed it all. I love the people there and have many close friends to this day.

    For me I wanted one belief, one God, one way of doing things, etc… I just wanted that. I am not saying anything is wrong but for my spiritual life, it did not give me what I needed. There were other reasons also which had nothing to do with this Catholic/Protestant thing.

    So I do not want anyone to take offense to that statement and if you do please forgive me and I apologize. We all have to do what we feel is best for our spiritual life and walk with God. I found that in the Catholic Church.

    I have many Protestant friends who found it in the Protestant Churches, and we are all happy and we all love God. That is the main thing.


  7. Sandy,

    One thing I want to point out in what you said, “If you want to love me, then do not try and make me do it your way.” While saying this you are trying to get me to do this your way, and that is a little bit hypocritical.

    I like your example with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I’ve had good conversations with them as well. If you asked them your 3 questions (Is Jesus Lord? Did He rise from the dead? Do you believe in His work on the cross/stake?), they would answer yes, just like you and I. However, the Bible clearly teaches that if we deny Jesus’ deity, we will die in our sins (John 8:24).

    Would it be the loving thing to do to pat them on the head and send them off thinking they’re our brothers when the clear teaching of the Bible says they’ll end up in hell? I say that would be a hateful thing to do. The loving thing to do would be to reason with them about the true gospel and hell. Granted, I can’t convince them, but the gospel is the message that saves, and if I get to give it to them, maybe God will save them.

    In the same way, I tell you that if you are a devout Catholic, you will end up in hell. I say that because I care about you, and desperately don’t want that to happen to you.

    Devout Catholics say that they must be baptized to go to heaven. If one religious work is required for salvation, then you must keep the whole law (which can’t be done). Galatians 5:4 says, “Again I declare to every man who lets himself be circumcised that he is obligated to obey the whole law.” Doing circumcision or baptism or whatever in order to get saved is an attempt to bribe God.

    We have all broken God’s law, and if we think our sins are forgiven because of what Jesus did PLUS anything we do, we are going to hell. Jesus paid for our sins in full, and to add anything to what He did, is to reject that He paid the full price.

    Maybe you’re not a devout Catholic. Maybe you didn’t know that Catholicism requires baptism. Maybe you are trusting in Christ alone, and maybe you’re saved. I don’t know, but if you profess to be a Catholic I must warn you.

    I talk to a lot of people about this, and I’ve been very blunt with a lot of people and we remain friends. I pray for them, and we can agree to disagree. However, I continue to be concerned for them. If I think they’re going to hell, that doesn’t make me hateful. I pray for them, and hope they’ll come to repentance.

    Maybe you can check out Are You Loving or Unloving? to see our line of reasoning on the whole love issue.



  8. Good morning Bill,

    Hope all is well with you today. Okay this is how I believe totally.

    Being Devout: I am a devout child of God. I love Him, His Son, and His Spirit with all of my heart. I worship Him in the Catholic Church, which is a Church that meets my spiritual needs as well and enhances my faith in God. For those who worship God in another Church I trust the same is for them also.

    Correcting others: As I have stated before, to me we lead others to Christ, then we let go of their hands place them in the hands of Jesus. We help them if they fall are there when they need us and of course always pray.

    My own personal beliefs: The postings you and I have done and I have enjoyed them to me proves what I am talking about. Just baptisim for instances and being saved. Mark 16:16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved; whoever does not believe will be condemned. Right here Jesus clearly states baptisim is a part of being saved. This is why I try my best in my life to lead others to Christ and leave the rest alone, because of how everyone sees Scripture. Some like to take one Scripture instead of thinking the entire plan of God out. I do not live that and do not do that.

    On going to hell or heaven: I am not God. I know no one’s heart at all. First of all I do not know the mind of God. No one does. He is in heaven and to me He alone says who gets in and who gets out. I am sorry if you feel that because I am Catholic I am going to hell, but if you do not mind I again will place that in the hands of God. This is my reasons for this. Matthew 15:21-28 The Canaanite Woman. Jesus called her a dog as that is what the Jewish people called those who were not Jewish or believed like them. He said He had come for Israel alone. He told her, “It is not right to take the food of the children and throw them to the dogs.” Meaning taking away from Israel and giving to someone who was not Jewish, as Jesus was also a devout Jew. She said, “Please Lord, for even the dogs eat the scraps that fall from the table of their masters.” Then Jesus said something here didn’t He? “O woman, great is your faith. Let it be done for you as you wish.” Then Jesus healed her daughter.

    So if we think someone is a “dog” and many think I am one because I am the word “Catholic.” I will never get to heaven and am going to hell, blah, blah, blah. This “dog” is as entitled as you are to the “scraps” from my Master’s table, as I have great faith in God and all that He has done for us. Because of this faith I will receive everything that everyone thinks I am not entitled to. I cannot measure the faith of another human being and I am not going to try.

    This is why I do not do this. Because for every Scripture someone gives to me or I give, someone can come back and attack it with another one.

    I in my life I choose to love others. I choose to think of all of God’s children as my brothers and sisters as He created us all and is the Father to us all. Do I like what everyone does? No and most of all myself at times. Do I raise my eyebrows sometimes when people come at me with Scripture and I think, “How did you get that out of that?” Yes. That does not give me the go ahead to injure that person and sometimes we can do that for life and they will never turn to Jesus, because of our actions, our bluntness, and truly what we think our own self worth is.

    I am not wrong to ask that we live in peace with one another? I do not think I am. One of the sins God hates is those who cause discord among the bretheren. The Bible clearly states we were adopted into the family of God because of the hardness of the hearts of the Jews and for us not to become so boastful in that, and think of ourselves so high and mighty above others, as if it were not for that we would not be having this conversation at all. The reason for this is, we not not be in this family of God at all.

    If you feel the need to warn me go ahead. You say you do it because you love me, and you probably do. For my life, that decision is God’s alone. I believe intolerance kills others. First and foremost it killed Jesus. There is a difference between correction and condemnation. We are to correct in love when we do we need to be very careful not to cross that line. Many and I include myself are crossing that line more and more and more.

    So maybe we can lay this to rest, because no one will ever make me get out here on a street corner, and shout who is going to hell and who is going to heaven. That is not me and that is not my walk with God. To me that is what is playing God. We never know the faith and the heart of another human being, but He does. I had rather take a scrap from my Master’s table and do it in love, then have the whole meal and injure a soul, where they never come to the table at all.

    God Bless you, Sandy


  9. Okay then I am going to hell, but again, I feel I will go there doing what God has called me to do. If I am wrong I am wrong. For argument sake, you can be right. It does not matter to me when man/woman thinks they know my heart, my faith, and if I am going to heaven or hell. Jesus said the Cannaanite woman’s faith was great and healed her daughter. So if I am a dog I am a dog. Matthew 15:21-28

    God Bless, Sandy


  10. Hi Sandy,

    I want to live in peace with you. I never said I didn’t. Exchanging opinions isn’t harmful to either one of us. When a Muslim tells me I’m going to hell, it doesn’t bother me, because I know that Islam is false. If I tell you you’re going to hell, you may think I’m a jerk, but you should weigh my claims, and if you decide I’m wrong, then whatever I tell you won’t bother you. The only way I could really bother you is if you think that maybe there’s a chance that I’m right.

    We’ve sinned against God and Him alone. Our penalty for doing that is infinite. Blood is the only payment God accepts for sin (Leviticus 17:11, Hebrews 9:22). You owe God an infinite payment in blood.

    Jesus’ blood is of infinite value, and He either has paid for your sins or He hasn’t.

    If we stood guilty before a human judge, and offered our good deeds as payment for our crime, that would be bribery. That is the same thing you’re doing with baptism. If Jesus paid the whole penalty for your sin, yet you insist on offering your good deeds, don’t you think He would be offended?

    Sandy, please repent of trusting in any goodness or religious deeds of your own, and trust in Jesus alone. He is capable of paying for your sins.

    Thanks for the conversation,



  11. I know you want to live in peace with me Bill. I do not in any way think bad of you at all. I think if anything you and I have proven however we disagree we can have respect for one another, as I do not feel either of us have gotten out of line with the other one as far as malice.

    It does not bother me truly that you think I am going to hell, and I might be. Trust me you get used to it after awhile. I mean everybody thinks somebody is going to hell. If I have to be that monkey for the day then that is what it is. God will get me through it.

    I have enjoyed speaking with you and our conversations. I hope both of us have spoke something to one another which has made us grow in our faith and love in God. Most of all that it glorified Him in some fashion.

    As far as repenting, Bill please, I repent if I have a bad thought, trust me I can truly say I am not lacking in that:>) Take care and God Bless, Sandy


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