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john-macarthur.jpg Neither Paul nor any other legitimate church leader in 2000 years has ever found it necessary (or even helpful) to use streetwise sex education—not as an evangelistic strategy, and certainly not as a means to sanctification for people already overwhelmed with sex-talk from a corrupt culture. Adopting the world’s obsession with sex and filthy talk cannot possibly have a sanctifying effect, because the strategy itself is unholy.

The notion that degenerate subcultures and sexually-addicted people cannot be reached without “learning to speak their language” is an absolute fallacy. Grace Church is seven miles from Hollywood, in the heart of Southern California, in a carnal, pleasure-mad culture well-known worldwide for everything but healthy spiritual values. No city in America is more “unchurched” than our valley, which houses more than three million people. The people of Grace church are reaching friends and neighbors in every imaginable subculture—from ex-cons to ex-Catholics to people in the entertainment industry. We baptize new believers virtually every Sunday night. It is neither necessary nor helpful to inject explicit sexual references into the conversation in order to reach people from such a culture. God draws them to Christ through the gospel.

– John MacArthur

4 thoughts on “Quotes (549)

  1. But John, surely we must learn to be more “relevant” because we are in the 21st century now. After all, had the apostle Paul been living today, his remarks in Galatians would certainly have sounded more like something out of a Mark Driscoll sermon wouldn’t they??

    To use modern day vernacular — NOT!

    Thanks for posting this quote. It is amazing that people all over the world are coming to faith in Christ. Their lives are changing and becoming more and more like the Lord they worship. True believers learn that their lives are NOT to resemble the world for we are in the world, but NOT of it!

    Mark Driscoll would be well advised to go back to 1 John and read what makes a true believer.

    The Desert Pastor


  2. I don’t usually post back to back quotes from the same person but this one and the previous one (Quotes 548) simply needed to be posted.

    When pondering all the controversy surrounding Driscoll and others like him, you can’t help but wonder how Christianity survived for 2,000 years (including under the most horrific of persecutions) without such potty-mouthed, purveyors of porn and perversity. Defenders of this smut make it sound like if you don’t pimp the pulpit like this then you simply can’t “reach” certain segments of society.

    I suppose in their thinking God never had the foresight that the Gospel simply wouldn’t be enough one day, and mimicking the world and its culture is the only way to remedy God’s shortsightedness and help Him out.

    Hold onto your hats folks, you ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s only going to get worse as the great falling away is well underway.

    – The Pilgrim


  3. One thing all the Driscollites out there don’t understand is this: the culture that Paul (and James, and Peter, et al) lived in and wrote in–was MUCH MORE worldly, pagan, heathen, and vulgar than what we live in today. Why? Because they did not have the Scriptures we have, and because they knew nothing about this Jesus fellow. And yet they spread the gospel more quickly, and with far greater results, than any of these potty-mouthed “pastors” and all their gutter talk.

    Oh, how did the Holy Spirit ever manage to grow Christ’s church without using foul language!! [/sarcasm]


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