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John MacArthurFinally, it seriously overstates the involvement of John Piper and C. J. Mahaney to say they are “discipling” Mark Driscoll. In the first place, the idea that a grown man already in public ministry and constantly in the national spotlight needs space to be “mentored” before it’s fair to subject his public actions to biblical scrutiny seems to put the whole process backward. These problems have been talked about in both public and private contexts for at least three or four years. At some point the plea that this is a maturity issue and Mark Driscoll just needs time to mature wears thin. In the meantime, the media is having a field day writing stories that suggest trashy talk is one of the hallmarks of the “New Calvinism;” and countless students whom I love and am personally acquainted with are being led into similar carnal behavior by imitating Mark Driscoll’s speech and lifestyle. Enough is enough.

– John MacArthur

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  1. ’tis a pity that folks haven’t stood up in front of Driscoll’s face in years past. So many in churches are fearful of men or apathetic and do nothing even if they realize something amiss.

    Such was the expectation for me from my former elders. Hence, we now enjoy the best church I’ve run across in my life. God’s hand, praise Him!


  2. Driscoll’s enablers deserve the selfsame powerful rebuke that MacArthur delivered to Driscoll himself. The pimp is never far away from the prostitute.

    ‘Til He returns or calls me home,


  3. Praise God, for godly men who do not seek the favor of men. Can anyone tell me why John Piper continues his association with Mark Driscoll. Being a mature Christian surely he can see it is time to tell M.D. to stand down as pastor until he grows up. If he ever does grow up.


  4. Why are these men still mentoring him after 3 years?
    Mark does not want to change, DUH! If Mark wanted to change, it would have been evident long ago, with a repentant heart and mouth to match.
    Mark is not the only one who lacks discernment and looking for attention~
    Keep pressing the battle to the gate!


  5. Steve

    I am an ex-SGMer anbd have been on those websites for the past 2 years since we left that church. I can attest to alot of the way they run their churches cause hubby and I were in leadership.


  6. Michelle,

    Would you mind expanding upon your comment here? I reviewed the links left by Steve and was troubled at what I read. I didn’t find a bunch of disgruntled, angry, vengeful, back-biting, gossips bent on tearing down C.J. Mahaney because of sinful bitterness, on the contrary I read case after case of heart-wrenching, soul-baring humility as traumatized, spiritually victimized believers worked out their own salvation with fear and trembling. The stories are striking in their similarity to the many, many personal accounts I’ve read about the pain and destruction left behind in the wake of PDL takeovers of formerly Bible-centered churches.

    In fact I personally found the candor and transparency of many of the SGM related posts to be especially disturbing because they point toward something broken, and dark, and sinfully ungodly within the SGM hierarchy, and C.J. Mahaney is well known as one of Mark Driscoll’s most public enablers, right alongside the double-minded John Piper.

    Please understand that I am not asking you to “dish dirt” or speak forth gossip, but I would appreciate it if you could provide additional links or facts that would help substantiate the allegations of systematic spiritual abuse within SGM. On the surface it would seem to make sense that authoritarian spiritual abusers would support one another in their mutual endeavors, if in fact this is the case with C.J. Mahaney; after all birds of a feather flock together, and Mark Driscoll has reportedly eliminated elders at “his church” with extreme prejudice.

    For example he allegedly preached this sermon moments before firing two older respected pastors. Driscoll has also used the pulpit to bully those who questioned the matter within congregation, telling them to “shut up and do what you’re told“.

    Youtube user ReallySad1 has chronicled Driscoll’s patterns of spiritual abuse here.

    See also Seeking Justice and Reconciliation at Mars Hill Church

    In Christ,


  7. MacArthur’s three final words in the quote that you posted, Pilgrim, would actually have by themselves made the point clear. Enough IS enough. A friend of mine, a Driscoll admirer, once told me about one of his books, and from what this friend told me, I was STUNNED to hear that this kind of FLAGRANT VULGARITY was coming from a supposed “pastor.”


  8. But, Caleb, they would say “he’s a man of God,” and “he loves Jesus,” and “he loves the Bible.” This proves that you’re wrong for having any other opinion of him.

    Funny, those who admire Joseph Smith say the same thing about him. Good thing we have their fruits to judge them by!

    A worthless person, a wicked man, is the one who walks with a perverse mouth
    – Proverbs 6:12


  9. Coram

    They have an over emphasis on the doctrine of grace to the point that they wink at Driscoll-like behavior but on the other hand, they are legalistic in that there is a specific sovereign grace life style that they expect you to live up to i.e. homeschooling/courting/wives not working (which in themselves are good things). It’s borderline cult-like. They elevate leadership to a point where they compete with God. It’s a very subtle but dangerous form of idolatry. My husband and I have never heard God’s voice as clearly as since we’ve left there.


  10. Oh, yes, Pilgrim, I’m such a hateful, narrow-minded Victorian era prig. But, in all seriousness, I’ve been called all sorts of things by professing Christians when I take a stand for Biblical truth, sound doctrine, and when I condemn and criticize those pastors and churches who DON’T hold to sound doctrine.

    A lot of people don’t like it when I try to chase the golden calves out of the pen. 🙂


  11. I was formerly on staff at Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, MD I would like to confirm that the leadership there and in the parent organization, Sovereign Grace Ministries (formerly PDI) is very spiritually abusive and corrupt. C.J. Mahaney surrounded himself with “YES” men and anyone who even peeped a challenge to the direction of the ministry or the hyper-Calvinistic doctrine that Mahaney worships, was ousted. He even made up some trumped up accusation of sin in the son of his co-founder – Larry Tomczak in order to justify ousting Larry from the ministry because he was not a Calvinist. I was “encouraged” to leave because I questioned the Scriptural soundness of what they were doing. The day they come to my house to confront me and “kick me out” I felt such freedom – as I watched them walk out my front door, I danced on my coffee table in praise and worship to God that I and my family were FREE from their corrupt system. They have a hierarchy there that seems to have one goal – to control your life. They preach a warped sense of grace that is very leagalistic and controlling. Home group leaders were required to keep personal files on everyone in their group and report on things that were really nobody’s business. I would have no reservations labeling them “culltish” and would advise anyone to stay as far away from there as possible. I am not surprised that C.J. Mahaney endorses Driscoll. Birds of a feather….


  12. Be Separate,

    Your testimony reminds me that it is far easier for a man to be a preacher, author, speaker, etc. than to be a proper pastor or father or husband. And yet, most churches value preaching, writing, and speaking more than they value the biblical character requirements laid out plainly in Scripture. Tozer was a miserable failure as a father and husband, for example.

    I identify with the freedom you wrote about, as I left a church with similar, but subtle, issues; and I was not on staff – served as a “lay leader” for years.

    Press on for the prize that will never perish or rust.


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