Gaithers enter “The Shack”


Sadly, Bill and Gloria Gaither–names almost synonymous with Southern Gospel music–have joined the apostasy that is “The Outhouse” “The Shack.” A couple weeks ago, they held a “Family Fest” (hat tip: Apprising Ministries) in Gatlinburg, TN (pop: 3800. pop during tourist season: 2,500,000), right near my back yard. And who were two of their guest speakers? None other than Paul Young, author of the blasphemy that is “The Outhouse” “The Shack” and Steve Brown of Key Life Ministries (why should you avoid Steve Brown answered here).

Gloria Gaither gave a copy to Mark Lowry, who then gave a personal endorsement of “The Outhouse” “The Shack” (via Slaughtering the Sheep):

I am only on page 149 but, already, I want there to be a sequel. Part 2, please!

Gloria Gaither handed this book, The Shack, to me while I was staying in their home. I read up to the murder of the little girl and couldn’t read any more. I put the book down, lost it and, a few weeks later, felt compelled to go to Lifeway in Nashville and buy another copy.

Now, I can’t put it down. (Source: Scroll down and read the post from May 1, 2008.)


Well, I finally finished The Shack by William P. Young. The first five chapters are very hard to read. Very painful. But somewhere around chapter 6, Dorothy lands in Oz and everything becomes technicolor. I really love this book. It confirmed for me a lot of things I’ve been learning about God. (emphasis mine) Source.

So, unfortunately, if asked, I can no longer endorse The Gaithers’ music in any way, having embraced the heresy that is “The Outhouse” “The Shack.”

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  1. Sigh. I have so enjoyed Mark Lowry. Apostasy is cruel – takes away from the church some funny people.

    Learn a lesson from the apostle John: If the world understands and likes what someone says, it’s because the one speaking is of the world! (1 John 4:5).

    Any book on a pagan best seller list is of the world. The gospel of Christ will not be embraced by the world. If no other level of discernment is present in a Christian, let him read the NY Times’ Best Seller list for what to avoid!


  2. Are musicians and other performers genetically inclined to apostasy and a lack of discernment in their personal and professional associations? Seems that many performers – comedians, musicians, and so-called preachers – tend to be conformed to the world by the world.

    When a man has his eye on the creature, his affections will follow. Let all who are in Christ exhort one another to FIX our eyes on He Who is unseen, despising the applause of man and seeking only to bring glory to our Lord.


  3. DP,

    I never really “got into” the Gaithers. I liked a couple songs from David Phelps (especially “The End of the Beginning”), thought Mark Lowry was funny, but never really was enthralled with the whole Gaither Band thing. And for one reason that many may think of as trivial: Guy Penrod’s long hair. Now, don’t get me wrong, if a guy has hair down to his shoulders, that’s one thing. But his reaches halfway down his back. And this in clear contradiciton to the Scriptures which say, “Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a dishonor to him?” (1st Corinthians 11:14).

    So, yeah, I’ve kinda always had a little voice in the back of my mind that wouldn’t quite leave me alone about them. But I never realized that, doctrinally speaking, they were bad fruit. Thanks for the heads-up!


  4. But it’s only fiction so how can it be heresy or blasphemous?! and sold in “Christian” book stores so it must be ok.

    Or how about, if you haven’t read the whole book you have no right to judge it!

    Or, it’s harmless fiction and I really enjoyed it plus it really made me understand God more.

    ugh Just some of the comments I’ve heard from people. The other week my SS teachers (SBC church) wife (they are in their late 60’s) asked a few of us before class if anyone had heard of the Shack. I said yes it’s heresy and others like Al Mohler say the same thing. She said oh but I love it! It’s an exciting book an that Bob her husband was going to read it next. She asked if I had read it. I said that no I hadn’t read every page but have read some of it online, researched it some and listened to the Author interviewed etc and he’s not even a Christian.

    How can this book not bother Christians is beyond me. 😦


  5. Rachel,

    It took me a second to understand that the first few lines of your comment were sarcasm 🙂

    Yes, you are exactly right! Especially the comment from the members of the Church of the Fluffybunny, who see nothing wrong with a book that portrays God as One who just kinda winks at sin and doesn’t punish it, and who won’t do anything unless He (She?) gets man’s approval first.

    My response to the tired, old, “if you haven’t read the whole book you have no right to judge it!“–well, I don’t need to eat a mouthful of mud to know it don’t taste good!


  6. Rachel’s note had me busting a gut. Sad but true. Reminds me when my dear brother in law – a godly saint – was enamored of “Wild at Heart”. As he shoved it into my hands and I scanned it for 10 minutes I could tell very quickly that Eldridge’s book was garbage.

    These anecdotes are reminders that everyone is vulnerable to being deceived if we get lazy in our pursuit of godliness – which requires diligent reading of the Bible and fellowship with other serious saints. We have 3 aligned against us – the world, Satan, and our sinful flesh. No rest in this life time, apart from Christ.

    “I don’t need to eat a mouthful of mud to know it don’t taste good!”

    When I was in the Army Corps of Engineers, we were taught a method of determining whether the soil was good dirt or clay (upon which, one cannot build). take a small bit of the soil and put it on your tongue and rub it against your teeth. If it’s smooth as powdered sugar, it’s clay and must be removed. It it’s rough like sand paper, it’s good dirt – dig and build.

    Such is much in this sinful world – looks and tastes good (like powdered sugar) but is dangerous and/or deadly.


  7. Hmmm.. interesting illustration regarding soil analysis. New one 4 me.
    I just thought you might want to know that I am banned from accessing (even just to view) the Gaither Community website. I had occasionally put in a discouraging word about W.P. Young and his blasphemous book. Even though I was on the receiving end of some incredible name calling, I bent over backwards to be polite but after a couple of months got drop-kicked over the fence anyway. I logged in afterwards from a friend’s computer under a different name (Verr Botten) and found that every word I had written was deleted, even postings not related to The Shack. I am a non-person in Gaithersville. Too bad, I really enjoyed some of their songs in the past.

    PS, It’s kinda weird that google loaded up this web page with Gaither related ads. Wonder what you’d get if you did a biblical critique of porno addiction.


  8. I think that can be a problem at times (the automatically generated ads). It is one thing that has really annoyed me about wordpress! I’ve deleted some of my tags just in hopes of getting rid of some of them! It didn’t do it but there you go. I haven’t liked the Gaithers much for years because I’m not fond of southern gospel as it sounds like country music to me. As The Desert Pastor said, they are already headed down the slippery slope of compromise (well, maybe not quite in those words but that is the gist of it, anyway)!


  9. “fourpointer
    My response to the tired, old, “if you haven’t read the whole book you have no right to judge it!“–well, I don’t need to eat a mouthful of mud to know it don’t taste good!”


    I will have to remember that one.

    A lot of people in my church like The Shack. I have read enough of it online myself to know that I don’t want to read it.

    A lot of people in my church also like the Purpose Driven Life. I have tried to read that. It is very boring and uninformative. I can’t stand The Message paraphrase either.


  10. shane,

    My previous church covertly built much of its programs and doctrines on Warren’s false teaching. A Warren fanatic, who I met when 40 daze of madness swept Houston, gave me the book (claiming it would change my life!). I nearly barfed when I read it – and saw my church described. It did change my life, as did Purpose Drive Church – causing me to read and study the Word of God more than ever.

    My critical reviews of Warren’s driven books are here: and here:


  11. It’s funny how all of these books by these “self help” people can change a persons life. You would think that they way some people talk about these books, they would be on the same level as Scripture if not above.

    We don’t need the Bible now days. Just go and pickup whatever is the best seller over at the Christian bookstore. The Bible can’t change anyone’s life anyways. It was written long ago and not relevent to todays problems. /sarc/

    We do Celebrate Recovery at our church. There are usually a little over 100 people that attend it. Sometimes there are more at that than there are at regular services. Hopefully that is one thing that Mr. Warren came up with that has provided some help to people.

    When I first met my wife she was going through Celebrate Recovery. She said it helped her but, she didn’t agree with some of the material they went over.

    Hopefully though, we will not get into the Purpose Driven church stuff. I will have to voice my opinion if we do.


  12. Don Blosser wrote:

    It’s kinda weird that google loaded up this web page with Gaither related ads. Wonder what you’d get if you did a biblical critique of porno addiction.

    I’ve heard of this before. Does anybody know why ads show up on some people’s computer when viewing DefCon and not others?

    I never get ads. Is there someway to stop this or is it the way people are accessing the blog (e.g. from a search engine)?

    – The Pilgrim


  13. Personally, I have strong doubts that any of you are TRUE CHRISTIANS. Long hairs does not mean you are not a follower of the word of Christ.

    Whether I like a book or not does also not condem a persons faith.

    WHo are you to point a finger. Remember you point one finger you have 4 more pointing back at you.

    ARE YOU ATHIEST? Perhaps you should ask the Lord’s forgiveness for condemnation of others. Seek ye first the kingdom and God and all things will be added unto you.

    SEEK FIRST!!!!


  14. Gail,

    The things a person enjoys give a fairly good glimpse into the soul. If a person enjoys songs that glorify drugs, sex, and other sinful things, that is a pretty strong indication that the person has not fully repented of sin. The fact that a person enjoys a book that blasphemes Almighty God in such a way as “The Outhouse” “The Shack” is a pretty good indication that they have not fully studied the Bible, and have no problems with blasphemy against God.

    Your comment about men with long hair–I would refer you to 1st Corinthians 11:14, where Paul says that long hair on a man is a “dishonor” (not my words! They came from God. If you have a problem, take it up with Him).

    Did you really ask if we were atheists? That is a very silly question.

    We are seeking the kingdom of God. That’s why we defend the truth of His word against assaults from things like “The Outhouse” “The Shack” and other postmodern attacks on God’s truth. I hope that you will one day see the need to stand firm against such heresies.


  15. Amen! Every thing you all have expressed is what is on my heart. I e-mailed the publishing company expressing my disappointment in this book. I cannot understand why “Christians” need other books other than the Bible. I have enjoyed some Christian fiction but it has not tried to put God in another light. Our Lord is a loving but just God. I love HIM very much and I get angry when others discredit Him. If folks don’t think other books cannot harm the image of God to some I present the Book of Mormon and Dianetics. Books that have formed cults. This is just another tool for Satan and unfortunatly pulling in Christians to a liberal approach to God.


  16. All I can say is don’t get me started on this book. I haven’t read it and don’t plan to. Of course, I get told that I can’t criticize it if I haven’t read it. *rolls my eyes*. Was told that about The Purpose Drive Life too, until they actually realized that I had told them I read the book (unfortunately).


  17. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?
    Matthew 7:2-4


  18. Dear RB:

    Why do you twist Scripture like Satan?

    Since when is false doctrine and outright heresy ever referred to as something as minuscule as sawdust?

    I suggest you read your bible a little more carefully and IN ITS PROPER CONTEXT (also read ALL of Matthew chapter 7, not just the first few verses).

    Perhaps after reading your bible not only will you see what damnable heresy The Shack is, but perhaps you’ll see how your misuse of God’s holy Word to defend ideas and propositions that are in opposition to God is a very, very dangerous place for you to be.

    – The Pilgrim


  19. I am sorry if i offended you pilgrim, I was merely concerned about the attack on the Gaithers for their association with someone not approved of my some on here.


  20. Too bad “Christians” won’t defend the Bible like they do The Shack.

    One of these books is God speaking to his people and the other is a work of fiction . I think most “Christians” don’t know which is which.


  21. First of all I love the Gaithers and their blessed music and their talent that GOD gave them. We all fall short and I do defend the bible and we all need it. Yes I have read the Shack and the Bible and just about every Christian book I can get my hands on. Denominations do not matter, how we look, what we wear, what we drive, where we live and how much money we make does not matter. I lost a 21 yr old in 2003 and was not a Christian at the time and when GOD took a hold of me and got my attention he has worked sooo many miracles in my life it is mind blowing!!!! The most important thing in life is to live your life for CHRIST, HE died for us, let us live for HIM. There is going to be Baptist, methodist, pentecostal, Church of GOD, Cathlics, luthers, Mormans and yes Nazerenes in Heaven. I have never met the Gaithers but I’m sure some day I will see them in Heaven and that excites me! I will always support talents that GOD gave them and they use for the glory of GOD! I fall in love with CHRIST more and more each day!


  22. sheila,

    Christ died for the elect, period. The only Muslims in heaven will be those who were called out from that rebellious false religion into the light that is Christ. Only those called by the Father – and ALL of those – will be saved.


  23. Sheila,

    It is natural for us to think that God will give us a wink and a pass for our sins, simply because (a) we feel a human-centered “love” for others, or (b) people walk around claiming to follow Jesus–whether it’s the true Jesus or one of their own imagination.

    But do not be fooled–just because someone says they “love Jesus” does not mean they will enter into His kingdom. “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’” (Matthew 7:21-23). Who would you rather believe–the Gaithers, “The Shack”, or Christ?

    To echo Manfred’s sentiments, the only Mormons in Heaven will be those who repented of their Mormon heresies and worshiped the TRUE Christ–the Christ that was from eternity past, uncreated, one with the Father in essence and substance.

    The only Catholics who will be in Heaven will be those who (a) repented from trusting in their own vile works to perfect them and trusted in Christ alone, and (b) repent of bowing down and worshiping statues, trinkets, and dead men’s bones.

    Please, do not depend on your feelings to lead you into truth. The human heart is desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17:9). And this book, “The Shack,” is equally vile in portraying God as one who does not desire us to walk in holiness. Without holiness, one will not see the Lord (Hebrews 12:14).


  24. I’m sooo glad you cleared that up for me. I believe only the Bible. I’m sure I won’t agree on alot of your beliefs either! GOD speaks to us all in different ways. Before I was saved I thought Opra and her books was the greatest and then I read the Secret, guess what? I believe that GOD used that as a tool for me to see how wrong all of it was and after that I picked up the bible after living for 54 yrs and never reading it, excuse me I sand corrected, reading and UNDERSTANDING IT! GOD works in many wonderous ways and all I know is WE ARE TO LOVE, HAVE FAITH, HOPE AND FORGIVE no denomination or person will determine this. I am not going to go through this life sitting on a throne judging others and quoeting scripture to others,maybe if they aren’t saved, and yes anybody from any denomination can be saved! That is the cool thing about CHRIST he forgives everyone, do you? By the way I am a member of The Church of The Nazerene, very proud of it but what I’m proud of the most is that I am born again and with each passing moment I fall in love with HIM more and more! I will pray for you all as I hope you will for me. CHRIST and prayer saved my life!


  25. Sheila, when you say That is the cool thing about CHRIST he forgives everyone, do you?–so do you believe that EVERY SINGLE PERSON has had their sins forgiven, and that EVERYBODY is going to Heaven? If that’s what you think, then I’m sorry to say that you are sadly mistaken. But that’s not MY decision–that’s clear from Scripture.

    And, by the way, I do not sit in judgment of anyone. The word of God is quite adequate for that.


  26. It is Cool that CHRIST will forgive anyone who ask of it. You have to believe in the trinity to believe that. You need to look at all the comments you have made to everyone on this web site, You really think none of your comments sound judgemental? I believe some will agree with me. Yes I BELIEVE THAT ANYONE WHO ASK CHRIST TO FORGIVE THEM AND THEY GO FORTH AND LIVE THEIR LIFE FOR CHRIST AND LIVING BY THE WORD OF GOD WILL GO TO HEAVEN. If you don’t believe that then I believe it is your right and as I said when I retire for the evening I will be saying a prayer for fourpointer!


  27. sheila,


    This is not the gospel. This amounts to man saving himself. Is that how you see it?

    The Bible says that God has chosen those whom He will save in Christ. Those – the elect in Christ – will be called to new life by the proclamation of the gospel, that Christ came to save sinners, who are given the gift of belief and sealed by the Holy Spirit.

    No works before or after professed belief nor may anyone – meaning any given person – be forgiven simply by asking. Those not chosen in Christ by God the Father will not be saved, though many may be conned into saying a prayer.

    Nobody has a right to salvation, nor the ability to grab hold of it when he chooses. If that were so, nobody would be saved, because ALL are born dead in sin and dead men can’t do anything.

    Here it is in about 30 seconds:


  28. I guess I will need to pray for you too! So sad that people twist and turn the bible into what they want to perceive it as. I don’t know what BOOK you read but my Bible says that all who believe in him will not perish and have ever lasting life, but you must be saved. I suppose you don’t believe in everyday miracles either, walk in my shoes my dear before you decide to cast the first stone! You see my dear 7 yrs ago I lost my 21 yr old son on a motercycle accident, I was not a CHRISTIAN but an alcoholic and them had 4 surgries in 8 mo. time. I got addicted to pain killers and decided to take my life! GOD took control from that point on and believe me he got my attention. Through the power of CHRIST AND WASHED AND CLEANSED BY HIS HOLY PRECIOUS BLOOD i WAS SAVED! I will not sit in judgment on the Gaithers or Guy Penrod or anyone else on this planet. Some day, and I believe soon, CHRIST is returning and every knee will bow and every tounge confess. I just pray that more and more people chose to confess before HE comes and lives for CHRIST!


  29. I am sorry that you lost your son in an accident Sheila. The pain of losing someone you love is not easy to deal with.

    FourPointer and Manfred are right though. Only those that God has set aside for the Son will be saved. No one person can save themselves. Our works are like dirty rags to the Father. As for judgment, I will not sit in judgment of the Gaithers or the author of “The Shack”, but I will confront their error that is leading people towards a false Christ. We are to contend for the faith and be on watch for the wolves in sheep’s clothing. People who fall for what you seem to be speaking of are the types who fit into the line of “they’ll fall for anything”. Just remember Sheila, the Lord says in Matthew 7 that not all that call themselves “Christians” will be saved. The Lord will tell them to depart from Him.

    I thank the Lord everyday for His saving grace that saved a wretched sinner like me.


  30. Sheila,

    Nobody can decide to be saved. Those who believe WILL be saved, because those have been chosen by God and given the gift of faith by God. It looks like make chooses, but that isn’t what the Bible teaches.

    I don’t think anyone on this blog is asking you to sit in judgment on anyone – including me 🙂

    It is the teaching that must be judged – and people will be known by their fruit.

    Praise God for saving you. It is oft the harsh things of this temporal world God uses to bring people to the end of themselves that they might see their need of Christ. Such people that are so saved are the elect of God. God gets all the glory for saving His people – man cannot claim any credit for choosing Christ or helping Christ save.

    I ride a motorcycle – have since 1970. I do not take your loss cavalierly, but I know that the Bible teaches that God establishes the times and places of our habitations. He is sovereign. All who are saved have much reason to be most thankful.


  31. Dear Manfred, AMEN, I totally agree, but also saw where there were derrogotory statements against different denominations, just remember WE ALL FALL SHORT and through HIS grace by which we are saved. I believe we are judged by our fruit and it doesn’t have anything to do with what church you attend. It has to do with your soul. Just like the song the Gaithers sing and my church sings It is well with my soul. If their music helps bring my Husband one more step towards CHRIST then so be it. It just seems there is way too much emphasis on what I call Religous Politics such as what a Churches Docturine is. I use to say children when they are born they aren’t born with instructions, when indeed they are. It’s all right there in the Bible, it should be everyones life and a book I read or don’t read is not going to change anything. Do I believe everything my church believes? Heavens I do not, but I do believe the importance of having a church family and the LOVE of GOD and a good Bible based church and I praise GOD for HIS love and salvation everyday. This will be the last I will be on this blog. I’d rather be reading the bible than argueing on what people believe and what they don’t believe. I will witness for the LORD every chance I get though! That could be taken away from us someday, I pray it won’t but the way this country is headed it is very possible. GOD be with you, I know HE is with me!


  32. Sheila,

    Thank you for your clarifying note. We stand as blood bought children of the most high God, standing on Christ alone.

    May you and I both be faithful to His call on our lives, testifying that it is – INDEED! – well with our souls. (That is such a marvelous hymn of praise from one who was in such a horrible personal pit – showing that Christ is sufficient.)


  33. Sheila,

    Do you believe that a person can “ask Jesus to forgive their sins” while at the same time continually committing those same sins over and over again–and still be saved? Because if you do, then you are the one with a low opinion of Scripture. You see, it doesn’t matter what kind of hurt you went through (and I do feel for you in the loss of your child), or much a person suffers before they die, or even how “sincere” a person is in their beliefs. If that person does not worship the TRUE God and the TRUE Christ, and if that person does not TRULY repent from sin, then they will be like those I mentioned above, to whom Jesus will say “I never knew you.”

    Sheila, we are not being “bigoted” or “derogatory.” There are times, yes, when it is very frustrating to show the truth to someone who will not not receive it. But, when we show the world the errors of Mormonism, Catholicism, Islam, etc, it is to show them the way to eternal life, which is found only in the TRUE Christ–not a Christ that was invented by man’s imagination.


  34. Like I said it so wonderful you sit on judgement of the world and you have all the answers! I think maybe you ought to change your name to fingerpointer and not fourpointer! Like I said I will pray for you.


  35. Sheila ~

    So, according to you, if we even confront heretics, apostates, or deceivers, we are sitting in judgment of the world? I am curious to know what book you are reading because it seems like it is not the Bible. The Bible is clear that we must stand against those who are heretics, apostates, and deceivers.

    It is not hateful and bigoted to do this. Only the false teachers like Rick Warren and Joel Osteen and Perry Noble would see it that way because they do not like their works being brought out into the forefront.


  36. Sheila
    We are living in dangerous times, there are many, many who claim Christ. Yet, we MUST examine their fruit in light of Scripture. The book ‘the Shack’ is unbiblical. Those who endorse this book put themselves in the category of being suspect. You see, if we love Jesus, then we must hate all that is counterfeit; in this case, the shack. If we love God’s word, then we must hate false teachings, writings, etc. The Gaithers claim to be Christian, yet, they endorse something that is NOT Christian. We do not know their hearts, but Christ tells us to examine their fruit. “You will know them by their fruit”. Bad fruit simply does not come from a good tree, and visa versa. We need to pray for the Gaithers, as well as for each other.
    We MUST claim allegiance to only ONE…Christ. Do not get caught in the trap of defending mortal men, ever. Let us always use God’s word as our only source of truth, guidance and weapon against false doctrine. Christ is our Rock, the Gaithers are mere flesh and blood. There are many who claim Christ, yet Jesus Himself teaches ‘many are called, few are chosen’. It isn’t our job to decide who gets saved, however, God does gift His own with discernment to protect His own from the wolves.
    Remember the warning from Christ as His disciples asked what would be the sign of His coming and the end of the age…
    ‘Take heed that NO MAN deceive you’


  37. Actually Sheila,

    The truth of Scripture is what condemns the world. We, who are true believers, are commanded by Scripture to judge those who claim the name of Christ by their fruits and even the Lord Jesus Christ commanded that we “judge according to righteous judgment.”

    It never ceases to amaze me that you (and others like yourself) have “issues” with us following the commands of Scripture and yet come to our blog and 1) condemn contributors and commenters, 2) judge us with Scriptural references, 3) throw out name labels (“fingerpointer”) – and through all of this, you have yet to prove any point and certainly at best are showing a complete disrespect for the Scriptures and for those you claim would be brothers and sisters in Christ.

    By your own words, the idea you leave the reader with is that if a person’s “house” was on fire, you would not want to point fingers, or cast stones, or maybe even warn the person in danger because that might be considered “judgmental.”

    May I humbly suggest that you consider who and what you are praying for. If you are a true believer, your spirit will bear witness with the Holy Spirit of God that you are one of His children. And His children do not love the things of the world! They will search the Scriptures daily to be a Berean Christian. They will learn the truth of God’s Word and stand in complete condemnation of heresy and false teaching (such as found in The Shack AND endorsed by the Gaithers who are at best in contradiction to the explicit principles and precepts of God’s Holy Word).

    The Desert Pastor


  38. Ezekiel 33:7-9–“So you, son of man: I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore you shall hear a word from My mouth and warn them for Me. When I say to the wicked, ‘O wicked man, you shall surely die!’ and you do not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand. Nevertheless if you warn the wicked to turn from his way, and he does not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered your soul.”

    I do not consider myself to be a prophet. But, we Christians have been commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ to warn people to repent and trust Christ–the TRUE Christ. For as Jesus prayed to the Father, “This is eternal life: to know You, the true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent” (John 17:3). If these people do not know the true God, how can they have eternal life?

    “How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher?” (Romans 10:14). If you were a missionary to China, or Africa, would you not have to tell people who worship false gods that they are worshipping false gods? Likewise, when people worship a “God” of their own making, we must warn them so they may flee from that idol and worship the true God (See Acts 19:18-20).


  39. fourpointer:
    It is truly ironic that sometimes people who speak loudly that “God is love” do not seem to even comprehend the concept of what true love is. Is it loving God to not do what He commands us (“If you love me, keep My commandments”, “Why do you call me Lord and do not do what I say?”)? Is it loving our neighbor to just keep silent, smile, and let them perish in their spiritual error?

    I am reminded of Matt. 5:

    11 “Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. 12 “Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. 13 “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men.
    14 “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; 15 nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. 16 “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”


  40. I don’t think long hair was the prob for Guy Penrod. I was told they let him go because he couldn’t stay away from his long time drug addiction and that Bill and Gloria had funded his stints in recovery over the years and finally decided to stop the madness.


  41. Sheila … you are amazing … speaking the truth of Jesus Christ, without any anger at all towards others who are only here to judge. God works all things together for good for those who believe, and the Gaither groups have helped my spirit praise the Lord immensely. God is the only one holy enough to judge us for our sins. And He said that if you believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins and accept Him as Saviour, you will be saved. John 3:16. Praise the Lord that our sins are cast away as far as the east is from the west. I believe there is a verse that says, Judge not, lest ye be judged. Live for the Lord, and let the Holy Spirit convict sinners. Some of these blogs just sadden me to the point of crying. Turn your eyes towards heaven and praise your God.


  42. “without any anger at all towards others who are only here to judge”

    Maggie- You sound like you are judging other posters.


  43. Maggie said, Sheila … you are amazing … speaking the truth of Jesus Christ

    Does that “truth of Christ” include Matthew 10:33–“But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.” Because in her initial comment, she said that there would be Muslims and Mormons in Heaven–both of which deny the Jesus of the Bible.


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