What Does It Cost You Today?

Persecution is coming and at what price will we in the west be willing to pay. NO, we are not talking about the persecution that fringe groups like the gay sodomite community like to proclaim that they and their perverted followers are undergoing. That is NOT persecution for the desire of that community is to get the world to accept their abominations as acceptable and also desire DEMAND that our children be subjected to their perversions. It is AND ALWAYS will be contrary to the laws of God!

My friend, I am speaking about standing up for the Lord Jesus Christ. It is costing our true brethren in Christ their homes, their children, and even their very lives around the world all because their faith is in the One and Only True Sovereign, God Who is the Maker of heaven and earth!

3 thoughts on “What Does It Cost You Today?

  1. Whilst I believe it is costing us nothing or next to nothing to be a Christian in the west today, it is easy to see the tide is turning.

    It is just a matter of when.


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