Wanda Sykes wishes Rush Limbaugh would die

And who is that laughing at the prospect of another man’s death? Barack Obama himself. The man that so many who claim to be Christian voted for, because he managed to pass himself off as a “Christian”–and now we are reaping the consequences. The man who found a wool coat at a thrift store to cover the fact that he is a wolf beneath it.

Here we have a parallel to the church in America today. Much like the many “pastors” who throw a few Bible verses out to their crowd, all the while hiding the true gospel (see also: TBN, TD Jakes, etc), this man throws a few Bible verses out there, and the undiscerning crowd laps them up without even cracking their Bible to check and see if what he is saying is the truth.

And it is, most of all, meant to expose a man who cloaks himself in the word “Christian,” who will not dare enter a church where the true gospel is being preached, and who will, undoubtedly, seek to demonize the preaching of the truth as “hate speech.” Yet he will sit and smile as a woman makes jokes about wishing death upon another human being. And it doesn’t matter if it was Rush Limbaugh she was talking about or whether it was Ted Kennedy. The fact that she was wishing death on anybody is enough to consider it hate speech, and the fact that this “Christian” president is laughing about it should be enough to show what kind of a man he really is.

3 thoughts on “Wanda Sykes wishes Rush Limbaugh would die

  1. A fine example of the hypocrisy of liberal “tolerance” and “political correctness.” Truly disgusting and outright tasteless “humor.”


  2. Shma,

    I appreciate the sentiment you expressed in your comment, and I hope you won’t be offended that I removed your comment. I didn’t remove it because it was necessarily wrong, but Pilgrim, DP and I have agreed that we don’t want this to turn into a purely political thread, which it could turn into very quickly (which is why I edited it after counsel from Pilgrim and DP). This is more about the whole “wolf in sheep’s clothing” aspect of Barack Obama (claiming to be “Christian” but wishing another man dead, see Mt. 5:22), not so much his inability to govern or put together a complete sentence on his own.

    So again, please understand that it was not removed for any other reason. Thank you for understanding.


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