Quotes (519)

Richard Baxter

For myself, as I am ashamed of my dull and careless heart, and of my slow and unprofitable course of life, so, the Lord knows, I am ashamed of every sermon I preach; when I think what I have been speaking of, and who sent me, and that men’s salvation or damnation is so much concerned in it, I am ready to tremble lest God should judge me as a slighter of His truths and the souls of men, and lest in the best sermon I should be guilty of their blood. Me thinks we should not speak a word to men in matters of such consequence without tears, or the greatest earnestness that possibly we can; were not we too much guilty of the sin which we reprove, it would be so.

– Richard Baxter

1615 – 1691

HT: Soli Deo Gloria

2 thoughts on “Quotes (519)

  1. Pilgrim,

    I need to confess that I (briefly) entertained the thought of editing this piece by replacing Baxter’s pic with one of Mark Driscoll and attributing the quote to him…but I don’t suppose anyone would have believed it anyway!

    As an aside I don’t think Richard Baxter would have been profoundly influenced by a copy of “Your Best Life – NOW!”, either. This being said, given the date range referenced some folks of the age might have at least found the tome useful for kindling a bonfire beneath a stake in response to the rank heresy contained therein.

    In Christ,

    **Humor Disclaimer – this comment is meant in lighthearted jest – please don’t post enraged responses**


  2. Coram Deo,

    I am enraged and outraged at your comment! It’s obvious to me that it should have been Robert Schuller’s picture there, in place of Baxter.

    After all, Joel Osteen is but a small, withered fig bush in the shadow of the great, tall, poison tree of the man-pleaser.

    Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if Schuller or Osteen actually, honestly were broken by and before the Lord and confessed something similar to our dear brother Baxter?

    Let all who claim Christ humbly submit to Him and boast only in the Lord.


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