5 thoughts on “Judgment.

  1. Awsome vidio!More christians need to see that video to get their relationship with Christ on good terms.He is comming back at a powerful hour unknown to man. So we should live a life that will please Him so that we can hear well done at the end of this age and live with Him in Glory forever.


  2. Awesome!

    To grasp the fact that all will stand before Him is something most spend little to NO time even dwelling upon. If they do, they only have a pre-conceived idea that this Holy Majestic God is not much more than a dude, a bud, a friend, the guy next door. The Laodicean Church in America has succeeded in failing to preach the whole counsel, robbing God of reverence and fear. They preach God is love, and all is good. There truly is no fear of the Lord.
    Thanks for posting this Pilgrim.


  3. That’s “Only a Preview”. My soul rejoices in hearing – again and AGAIN! – that the Lord Jesus REIGNS WITH MIGHT AND JUSTICE! My only hope is to be found in Him, saved by His grace – how my soul bursts with thanksgiving that God had and continually has mercy on me, for I can do nothing and could not face the judgment apart from being found in Him. He alone is my refuge! The righteous Judge. All hail King Jesus! Let no mouth speak against Him and think he shall stand. He is the mighty King Who rules and will rule and His judgment will shake the mighty of the sinful world until all their bones run like water.

    Merciful God, let me not wander from your narrow way nor grow lukewarm.


  4. The last line in that video should shake any Christian with fear. “What do you think you and I are going to do?” Some people think we’ll sit around and have a beer with Jesus and Bono. (What is it exactly that makes people think Bono is even a Christian? He’s accepting of all religions being good enough to get a person to Heaven).

    May we all fall down as dead, as did the apostle that Jesus loved! May we all cry out, “Oh Lord, have mercy upon me, a sinner, and undeserving of salvation!”


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