Parents Give Away Their “Witch” Children!

Another viewpoint showing the horrifying aspects of life in Nigeria, West Africa, where parents are being so duped! These parents are willing to believe the charlatans called “bishops” or “pastors” who are regularly condemning their very children in order to make a living “exorcising demons.” The pastors are not true ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ and what they are preaching and teaching has absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTIANITY!

Praise the Lord for the few that are willing to take a stand against these cruel injustices. However, just as with the first video on Sam & Esther, what good does rescuing these children do if they are not presented the wonderful Words of Life??!!

I recommend that the following article from the Guardian Newspaper in the UK be read to have a full understanding of the video posted here for you to watch. Please pray for Nigeria! Pray for West Africa! Pray that the Lord will send forth more laborers into the Harvest fields!

4 thoughts on “Parents Give Away Their “Witch” Children!

  1. We need to pray for labourers with the TRUE gospel to go to the harvest. More fruits of what a perverted gospel does. When I was in a charismatic church we were always hearing how a revival was sweeping across Nigeria. We didn’t question it, just praised God for it. How I have had to repent since then. These people would’ve been better not to hear. “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees hypocrites! For you travel land and sea to win one proselyte, and when he is won, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves.” Matthew 23:15


  2. I got involved with a “deliverance” ministry, here in the United States. They convinced me I had a demon (or many.) This was done by hypnotism, however, it has taken me two years to figure it out and numerous hours in the Word of God to come to the truth. Praise Jesus, I am free from all this. However, not before I was subjected to the most bizarre and frightening experiences of my life. I am still depressed about it all, and sometimes I doubt my salvation because of the whole experience. Nonetheless, the Bible says I am saved and so therefore I am. I just want to know how I can adopt one of these children. My heart is so broken watching this video. I barely made it our alive, as an adult Christian with a Bible to set me free. What will become of these poor tikes?


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