Utah’s dirty little secret.


Mormonism’s been playing the shell game; hiding many of their beliefs from the public eye since its very inception, including the sins of their prophets. And now there’s yet another secret sin permeating among the Mormon-saturated state of Utah.

You see, anytime we challenge Mormonism’s false doctrines, inevitably some adherent to LDS comes in and–ignoring the facts–repeats the mantra referring to how good of a people they are and thus, this “proves” they’re the only true church.

They love to misuse Jesus’ teaching that “you will know them by their fruit” when applying it to themselves because they don’t drink, smoke, or cuss. However, those who’ve studied Mormonism know very well that this false religion is replete with the evil sins of deception, lies, wickedness, adultery, polygamy, and murder. But these LDS apologists always fail/refuse to consider these wicked fruits of LDS: “Pay no attention to that, look only at the good things we do.”

So when I saw this article exposing Utah’s addiction to pornography, I realized this is just another decomposing, rotting, spot of mold festering just below the surface of the facade of “perfect” Mormon fruit.

After controlling for differences in broadband internet access between states – online porn tends to be a bandwidth hog – and adjusting for population, he found a relatively small difference between states with the most adult purchases and those with the fewest. The biggest consumer, Utah, averaged 5.47 adult content subscriptions per 1000 home broadband users; Montana bought the least with 1.92 per 1000. “The differences here are not so stark,” Edelman says.

4 thoughts on “Utah’s dirty little secret.

  1. Utah, is about 40% non-Mormon.

    Must be all those Baptists on the Wasatch front.

    You’ll note that in the same study – heavily Mormon Idaho has the LOWEST per capita porn use.

    Why would that be?


  2. Seth R.

    Long time no see Seth.

    First of all, I didn’t see Idaho mentioned in the article anywhere. The state listed with the “LOWEST” porn consumption per 1,000 people was Montana, not Idaho. Not sure where you got Idaho from unless I missed something.

    Secondly, you said:

    “Utah, is about 40% non-Mormon.”

    That means about 60% of Utah is Mormon. Yet they yielded the highest results in the nation. So the real question is: Why would that be?

    – The Pilgrim


  3. Here’s another “dirty little secret.” The fruit that I see the Mormon people that I live around bearing are fruits like backbiting, slander, gossip, as well as, smoking drinking, cussing, etc. Come to UT and listen to the conversations taking place in stores, workplaces, and just out in the general public. The rudeness, arrogance, immoral living that I see is just merely typical of people who are not saved by Jesus. I listen to women gossiping about someone and in the next breath they are talking about the wonderful Relief Society meeting they just had.

    They cannot do any good works, because, as the Bible explains, only the saved can do good works. At times any pagan can do moral works, but what is in the heart will eventually come out. Boasting about their “good living” is nothing more than pride and arrogance, a total lack of humility. The Mormons, I guess, must boast in their own “good works” since they certainly cannot boast in any “good works” of their founder Joseph Smith. But, as a true believer in Jesus Christ, one of God’s elect, I have nothing to boast of in myself, only to boast in the finished work of my Savior and how He saved me.


  4. Since I was once a mormon myself for a handful of years and have some dear friends who are still mormon, I can tell you that many traits that we see in mormons are the same traits found in “christians.”

    foul language
    child abuse

    every single person is born with a sin nature. The difference between a “TRUE” Christian and those professing to be christians, is this.

    They have repented of their sins and have put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation.



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