Book Review: “Warnings to the Churches” by John Charles Ryle.

warnings-to-the-churches I read this book a couple years ago and found it to be an incredible warning to the churches. It also was part of several things God used to draw me out of the lukewarm, mile-wide, inch-deep “churches” that I was attending.

The back of the book sums it up succinctly:

Some of Ryle’s most pungent writings have hitherto tended to be lost in his larger volumes. This book brings together eight addresses with a common theme. Together they sound a prophetic and much needed warning to the churches.

I stumbled across this book by accident (divine providence) on Ebay. I believe this book is currently out of print but you can purchase it here on Amazon, and you can get its modern edition entitled Churches Beware here on Amazon.

If you can find yourself a copy, I strongly recommend you get it. This 171 page volume is a must-have for all Ryle fans and those who are dissatisfied with the current shameful state of the Church.

Here’s one review from Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars Churches Beware, Indeed!, August 4, 2007

Outstanding teaching from an old source, demonstrating the need for discernment in the Church today. Ryle tells us how we can avoid false teachings, by not even accepting a little error any more than we would accept a little poison. Well worth the reading for discerning Christians.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: “Warnings to the Churches” by John Charles Ryle.

  1. Pilgrim- thanks for bringing this book to light. I too read this a year or so back. I just lent it out to my brother to read. This is a wonderful book for today’s true believer to glean from, no candy coating by Ryle can be found anywhere within the pages of this book. All who read this will be blessed!


  2. I just finished reading this book a week ago and I had found it in some decrepit corner of a Christian bookstore. The cover picture is an excellent warning to churches who turn away from Christ and His Truth.


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