Rudeness, vulgarity, and profanity. The ‘next big thing’ in church.

This announcement video is actually from a church. Thank you Mark “The Cussing Pastor” Driscoll for blazing new trails in the area of crude and carnal speech in church. The trickle-down effect of your example is bearing much fruit.

Don’t worry, Josh (on the right) and the folks at The Journey Church had a vestige of decency to bleep out the cussing.

HT:  Slice of Laodicea & A Little Leaven

Apparently Josh is a motivational youth speaker (imagine that) who literally believes that in our words we hold the power of life and death (see this video). This really makes me wonder what he was thinking when he said the things he said in the above video. Oh, and Josh also has an opinion on homosexuality (see this video). I bet you’ll never guess what a hip, cool, relevant, and culturally vulgar youth speaker thinks about homosexuality.

This guy reminds me of Ignatius the fictional youth pastor.

5 thoughts on “Rudeness, vulgarity, and profanity. The ‘next big thing’ in church.

  1. I just visited their website and read their Beliefs.

    Unsurprisingly it was filled with meaningless stream of consciousness “god talk” and emergent-style pseudo “epistemic humility” which deifies doubt and elevates uncertainty to the highest of virtues.

    Their General Discussion thread also contains a glowing review of the excruciatingly heretical New Age book “The Shack” and several of their online members gush over how much they admired the tome.

    Combining these facts with their little video production linked above ought to be enough to warn away any discerning, spirit filled, born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. In my mind they’re actually doing the true church somewhat of a service by broadcasting their error in such blatant and unapologetic ways thereby self-identifying as apostate.

    In Christ,


  2. This from their “Beliefs” page is rather telling:

    Though we can’t always explain the hows and whys of the Bible, we believe the stories it contains are true. Some of the stories are not literal in how they convey the mechanics of what actually happened historically or how things happen now but the stories are still trustworthy. We feel what the Bible has to say about God is relevant to our lives.

    So, they obviously deny the literal nature of the Bible. Add to this the “influences” of the pastors: motocross and Dora the explorer. Oh, and that Jesus guy, too. He was pretty cool.

    Of course, their vision for your gathering experience: “doubt & faith exist simultaneously – we embrace honest skepticism; engaged with culture [relevant].”


  3. Pilgrim,

    “See no Truth, hear no Truth, speak no Truth, dig for no Truth.”?

    What about the [words] from the “lead pastor” (what’s with the lack of upper case letters?): “Turn to the person next to you and lick ’em.”

    That comes from a pastor? I don’t see how.


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