An attempted post-birth abortion fails.

u-of-aUnlike the child that survived an attempted “legal” abortion only to have her life snuffed out in a trash can by a cold-blooded abortion clinic staff member (see here), this latest story ends on a much better note.

In the latest saga of mothers who murder their own children, meet 19 year-old Sarah Tatum, a pre-business sophomore at the University of Arizona.

Finding herself pregnant and certainly not wanting to ruin her future dreams and hopes by being burdened with a baby (or “punished with a baby” as our new president would say), she decided to conceal the pregnancy.

Then the inevitable came . . . the beautiful child expecting to be welcomed into the loving arms of his/her mother actually found him/herself coming into the world in a shower, only to be quickly stuffed into a plastic bag like trash to be discarded; never to be seen again (like the moral conscience of this nation).

Fortunately, in God’s providence, other students intervened when they–simply thinking the bag contained bloody clothes–actually saw the bag moving!

Police had to cut the bag open to save the defenseless human being trapped inside. The child was taken to a local hospital where he/she is still alive.

Read the news article here.

This incident causes outrage from those who hear about it, but we would have never heard a thing had Ms. Tatum went to a professional baby murderer and paid to have them rip the child limb from limb from the safety and sanctity of her womb.

So I scratch my head in bewilderment as Ms. Tatum is now being charged with child abuse and attempted first-degree murder. Why? Didn’t Ms. Tatum simply exercise her “freedom of choice” to kill her own offspring like 4,000 women do every day in this nation?

Had she went that morning to her local Planned Parenthood and paid them to kill her baby no one would have batted an eye. But because she chose to do it herself, she’s now going to be criminally charged. Someone please explain the “logic” of that to me.

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes And clever in their own sight!

– Isaiah 5:20-21

8 thoughts on “An attempted post-birth abortion fails.

  1. There really is no logic, its completely contradicting. Cause either in the womb or out of the womb the baby was the same. Either way its murder, regardless of what some Judges have said. Just because our laws make it okay doesnt mean its murder. I mean after all it was okay in Germany too kill Jews. Did that make it right? I dont even have to answer that. Just because the child can not speak for itself or defend it self does not mean the mother has a right to murder it.


  2. The only reason a person can murder their child pre-birth versus after birth is because our legal system has deemed a child that has not been born a non person. As long as a child is murdered prior to emerging, it is not a person but once it emerges, it becomes a person.

    I just wrote a blog on a somewhat similar subject (though diferent)


  3. Tish is right — it’s just a stupid lawyer trick. Before birth, the child is not a “person” so you can murder it and still be “within the law.” (Which brings to mind the Bob Dylan line, “To live outside the law you must be honest.”)

    Only lawyers and their willing accomplices on the U.S. Supremist Court could possibly say something so utterly contrary to common sense — that a child is “not a person.”

    At bottom, it’s just lawyers and judges doing the bidding of the Baal worshipping fornicate-and-abort crowd. It’s all about being able to have random sex without consequences.


  4. This post also brings to mind the classic John Piper sermon on Romans 8:18-25 entitled, “Subjected to Futility in Hope.”

    One of the best lines from this sermon is: “The meaning of all human suffering is that sin is horrific. . . all natural evil in the world is a statement about the horror of moral evil [i.e., sin].”

    Sin is truly ghastly, as this story well illustrates. Our only hope is God’s one true Savior, Jesus Christ and His perfect sacrifice for sin.


  5. This breaks my heart! I have had 4 children and to me they are little people inside as well as outside the womb. You can feel them move in your womb as early at 4 months. We are so blind to others that we lie to ourselves to make it right to kill because it’s not the right time in our lives or we don’t have money ect. The fact of the matter is we all started out in our mothers womb like all the aborted children in the world. We were just lucky our mothers didn’t think of them selves and had us. I have seen movies of how they abort children and it would make you sick.

    They pull them apart in the womb and outside the womb they count the parts of the body. The body parts are just like ours all developed just small.

    So I ask you all!!

    When is it not a child in a mothers womb? At what point do we lie to ourselves to make us feel better. I’m so glad I choose to keep my 4 beautiful children that our Blessed Lord gave to the world.


  6. Apparently after a child is born from the womb, if the mother has already decided they do not want it, they are still not considered a “person” and can be left to die. It’s not the law, yet, but just wait. Google “post birth abortion”.


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