Joel Osteen on “The Abundant Life”

Because, you know, you’re not living a full Christian life if you have bills to pay or you’re sick. More useless drivel from a man who has admitted he’s “not a preacher, but more of a life coach.” He needs to step down out of that pulpit and concentrate on his number one passion: selling books. If he can’t preach the whole counsel of God, he doesn’t need to be claiming to preach any of it.

You know what the most absurd part of this surreal experience is? He even manages to take a passage from the abomination known as “The Message” and make it even more unfathomable than the original (You’ll hear him quote from Ephesians 1:4 (MSG), in a way that has never been heard before by human ears. If it wasn’t so sad it would be hilarious).

6 thoughts on “Joel Osteen on “The Abundant Life”

  1. So if your sick or poor, your not living in “victory?” This man’s coming condemnation is just…

    I feel sorry for Joel. His father got caught up in the so-called “Faith Movement,” and Joel has never learned anything else. However, he has a bible and he can (if he is willing) learn the truth for himself, so he (like everyone else) is without excuse.


  2. I got a call from a friend today saying that in the Baptist church he attends, the gentleman who is leading a Sunday evening small group is teaching so-called “Word of Faith.” I asked him if the pastor was aware of it and if he was doing anything about it. His answer was, that the pastor was aware and was doing nothing.

    I find it very disconcerting to say the least.


  3. I love reading your posts and critically examining things in the body of Christ today. I am still a young Christian and love getting to know God and his Word. I read the ESV, NKJV, NIV, and the message almost in equal parts and enjoy the different aspects I get from all of them. Sometimes after reading the ESV or NKJV, I read the message and the passage becomes clearer to me because of its colloquial language. I notice you called The Message an abomination. I would like to ask you why?


  4. A.R.,

    The reason I call “The Message” an abomination is because there are way too many times when Eugene Peterson makes some really long leaps with interpreting, even to the point of making the passage say something it was never meant to say, watering down the judgment of God and treating passages about sin as lighthearted fodder. Add to that he fact that he thinks U2’s Bono is a certified gospel preacher…….

    Here is a link outlining some of these differences.

    There are other, better paraphrases to use (the NLT is one of the better ones). But for the most part, most paraphrases aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.


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