Quotes (485)

firm-foundations-creation-to-christ We distort and confuse the Gospel in people’s understanding when we try to present the Gospel using terminology which turns people’s attention to what they must do rather than outward to what God has done on their behalf. . . . “Accept Jesus into your heart.” “Give your heart to Jesus.” “Give your life to Jesus.” “Open the door of your heart to the Lord.” “Ask Jesus to wash away your sins.” “Make your decision for Christ.” “Ask Jesus to give you eternal life.” “Ask God to save you.” These modern and commonly-used phrases confuse people’s understanding of the Gospel.

– Trevor Mcllwain

One thought on “Quotes (485)

  1. Most excellent point! I attempted to make this same point with the elders of my previous church, but was not as effective as Mcllwain.

    All subtle departures from the Word lead to major error – which is prone to be ignored, excused, or overlooked. Hence, we must stand guard against small error and look to the Word, not other churches, to measure is we be true or false.


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