Sermon of the week: “Child Training” by Voddie Baucham.

voddie-baucham Your sermon of the week is Child Training by Voddie Baucham. Gather the parents and children for this one. It is sure to convict and change your views on raising your children. This is one of the best Baucham sermons I’ve listened to so far and I highly encourage everyone to listen to this one.

For more, I recommend his book Family Driven Faith.

4 thoughts on “Sermon of the week: “Child Training” by Voddie Baucham.

  1. How edifying! This is a sermon that I’ve already now sent out to at least a dozen people. Praise God for His clear and perfect plan for the family. My wife and I (coming up on two years now) are so encouraged by this, and look forward to the day God blesses us with our first baby. No Christian man on earth should miss this sermon. It clearly sets forth the Word leaving no room for a man to compromise. By the Lord’s grace I pray I will be a good dad according to His standard. Amen!


  2. Thank you for your comment Aaron.

    This means that there’s at least two of you out there who listens to DefCon’s Wednesday Sermon of the Week.

    I’m glad you liked this sermon; it is one of Voddie’s best ones.

    Now I’m just waiting for PaPapatriot to comment on this sermon.


    – The Pilgrim


  3. Very much appreciate this sermon… I’ve listened to it a few times and shared it with my sunday school class.


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