A strong delusion.

Chris Rosborough sums this up best by calling it “demonic.”

8 thoughts on “A strong delusion.

  1. This post is aptly named A Strong Delusion. It is spine chilling to see people being given over to a strong delusion because they did not love the truth. This is where I see these leaders like Rick Joyner will be judged with a greater severity. He is supposed to be the shepherd in charge of the sheep. It is heart breaking to see all the people there thinking this is Jesus Christ from the Bible. RJ makes me sick. It’s hard as we are all responsible for our own salvation. We must know our Bible, check everything out. Be totally dependent on Father God. At my Last church I was verbally abused from leaders for speaking out. I finally left and I see all those people have got into further error now. It breaks my heart but no one wants to listen. I have realised how unpopular the true gospel is. The internet is where I meet with true Christians These are certainly the last days May our God and Father have mercy on as all


  2. I had to stop that in the middle. That’s enough to give me nightmares. Abandon the truth and you will believe every lie.


  3. Dear Jude:

    I can relate to your comment. I too got railroaded for speaking up at my last church. You’re absolutely right, they don’t want to hear the truth . . . it disturbs their comfortable existence in their comfortable church believing their comfortable doctrines following their comfortable “Jesus.”

    I also can relate to your comment regarding the internet being the place where you meet with true Christians. A little while back (and to some degree still today) God used the internet as a great source of growth and encouragement for me.

    After leaving a church that abandoned the Gospel and not finding any local churches that taught the truth, I was relegated to getting my sermons via the internet. And boy what a help that was to me. There’s some fantastic men of God out there!

    I have since then formed some friendships with others on the net from around the world who are also wandering in spiritual deserts: famines of the Word of God.

    Currently we are blessed to have local Christian friends (albeit they’re very limited) and a couple churches we’ve discovered that preach the unwavering truth.

    Sadly, many Christians must find their brothers and sisters online because when they talk about the things of God to the person sitting next to them in the pew, the reaction is usually bewilderment, disinterest, or outright hostility.

    Keep the faith, stay strong, and know that you are not alone out there.

    – The Pilgrim


  4. I saw this video a while back and sent it to several family members. I didn’t know at the time that my nephew and his wife attend Morning Star-this is their church!! They were very offended by my sending this video and felt I was being hyper-critical and judging Mr. Joyner. They feel this is a true move of the Spirit. My nephew’s parents are also into this movement..read all of Joyner’s books. I have tried to warn them all. They sent me a teaching of Joyner’s on how to discern is a false prophet. (What a joke!) The more I read and re-read it, the more problems I found..twisting of scriptures to teach heresy. I critiqued this article for them… showed them point by point how it did not line up with what scripture says. No response from them. They simply will not take anything I say seriously. So I have stopped trying to convince them and just pray daily for them to see the danger in this movement and false prophet. It is heartbreaking. I, too, left a church getting into wrong teachings. Thankfully, I did find a good church -very small-only about 40 people -a solid Bible believing church. I also come to the internet for fellowship with like-minded Christians and I have grown and learned so much on the web…reading discernment blogs to listening to sermons. It has been a blessing.


  5. I’m trying to help a person who is a church that uses the teachings of Rick Joyner and of C. Peter Wagner, end time super-prophets, end time apostles. I sent this person this video and they were shocked.
    I was also asking for help here for info on dominion theology which is also taught at this church as well the Kansas City prophets.


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