Quotes (469)

voddie-baucham Most Christians in our culture live like everyone else. There is little distinction between our lives and the lives of the pagans down the street. We wear the same clothes, watch the same movies, read the same books, send our children to the same schools, and sign the same divorce decrees as everyone else. Furthermore, there ought to be a sign posted in every Christian bookstore that reads, “The views expressed in these books do not necessarily express the views of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” I’m not saying, don’t read Christian books. I’m just saying, read them with discernment.

– Voddie Baucham

One thought on “Quotes (469)

  1. Voddie Baucham rocks. He and the other elder of Grace Family Baptist Church serve with humility and preach truth with no compromise. It’s nourishment for the soul that sticks to one’s ribs.

    And they keep a well stocked book table for people to buy and borrow some really good, solid books and recordings that help folk understand the Word, rather than distract folks with clever stories that lead away.

    How my soul rejoices, being in a biblically solid church!


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