Have you seen me?

todd-bentley-milk-carton It wasn’t long ago that a gruff and tattooed charlatan sprung onto the world stage offering healings like a snake oil salseman. His followers defended him no matter what lies, deception, and heresy spewed from his forked tongue, even as he tried to get people to “believe in the angel.”

Then, faster than you can say, “Sheek A Boom Bah,” this once idol of Charismatics simply vanished off the face of the earth without a trace (infidelity scandals have a tendency to do that).

And the only thing more shocking than the absence of this “anointed prophet of God” is the absence of all of his defenders and supporters who ridiculed, attacked, and defamed all those who dared to examine and question Todd Bentley’s theology and practices.

The silence is deafening as the experience chasers sit quietly in the shadows waiting for their next big thing. I bet it’s going to be a doosey!

Thanks to Adrian and Social Hazard for making this post possible with photshop. Once again you’ve come through, Berry. Thanks a million.

6 thoughts on “Have you seen me?

  1. He is now on Facebook with his lies and fans. Hundreds of them.still the same old stuff, I can’t understand how people want to be a fan of this guy


  2. Lol,

    I have to say I don’t think i’ve laughed as much as I did when you said …..faster than you can say “Sheek a Boom Bah”…..Lol that’s well remembered indeed!!


    Can anyone else feel the anointing on this post??! Cos I can and if you don’t believe me then your all just people of little faith…..who are you to try and say to me that the anointing on this post isn’t real….get off yer judgemental high horse the lot of you!!



  3. I just went to this man’s tent “revival” this last summer, and held up signs saying “beware of false prophets,” and preaching the True Gospel. I watched as people went in and out, lesbians holding hands, people smoking cigarettes, covered in tattoos, and pierced through with many sorrows, and oversized rings and studs. We faced great opposition, were approached by the police, and were told by officials on the inside that we were not invited to come into the tent. I had no interest anyways, I stopped going to rock concerts when God delivered me from that lifestyle. I had one supporter, though, in a woman who approached us and said “I’ve been at this revival for weeks, and I know that this man ain’t of God.” I wondered why she continued there, but it is better that the foundation crumbled early than that he gained too much of a following. The only ones who were hurt are the ones who jump from revival to revival looking for someone to tickle their ears.


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