Super Bowl Sunday – Worshipping the god of Football!

This video shows what is really important to some people. At least, this so-called “church” was willing to be honest enough to admit to their friends, family, and neighbors that the god of football is MORE important than the worship of the Almighty Sovereign of the Universe! NewSpring Church Social Clubs have decided that the American god of football is worth putting aside collective worship at the feet of the Saviour. Once again, a shining example of “spiritual leadership” in action with Perry and his groupies!

From an eternal perspective, here is the question — What does the Holy God of heaven say about having no other gods before Him? Oh, I forgot, that is the Old Testament and no longer applicable, right??? WRONG ANSWER!

Super Bowl Promo 2009 Video from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.

10 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday – Worshipping the god of Football!

  1. Well they DID say come to one of the other THREE services. I mostly agree with the desert pastor on most things, but they DO have three other services that Sunday. It’s not like they’re writing off GOD for something they think is more important. Though their wording might have made it seemed so.


  2. … they also suggested staying home.

    This is disgraceful. Nice to know this is what our church ‘culture’ of today has sunk to.

    The polluted American church bows the knee to worldly American culture once again.


  3. Just because they have 3 other services doesn’t mean a thing. They are the ones that came up with the services and to be fair about it, they need to either keep it up the way it’s supposed to be or they need to drop the other service for good. To drop the other service for the super bowl is, in effect, worshiping another god! They said they wanted to be just like the rest of the crowd and watch the super bowl! If the rest of the crowd jumped off a cliff does that mean we should do it, too? But then it does stand to reason that they probably have other things within their church that they worship instead of God, if they’re willing to ditch church that easily!


  4. Here’s an idea why not tell your congregation to invite thier friends who do not know Jesus Christ to watch the Super Bowl with them and share some commen ground, who knows The Arizona Cardinals might win and thier Quarterback and Born Again Believer Kurt Warner just might give ANOTHER wonderful testimony to HIS LORD AND SAVIOUR. To all you raging Legalists that want to cause controversy over nothing, WATCHING FOOTBALL IS NOT A SIN IF GOD COMES FIRST AND FOOTBALL IS NOT BEING WORSHIPPED, this local church is offering 3 chances to Worship BEFORE the 6pm game. Thier is a such thing as going out into the World to impact the culture for Christ. Rather than throwing MUD at the Professing Church, why not try throwing the Gospel at the Lost. I support many of the postings of Defending/Contending but not this one.


  5. Pasquale,

    I think the point here is, “where are our priorities?” And why does this church seem to be almost bragging about not having service? It seemed rather chilling that near the beginning of the vide, the voiceover said, “Coming February 1st. No coffee. NO WORSHIP.”

    No worship? What kind of a message does this send to an unbelieving world? “See? We’re just like you! We let trivial things take precedence over worship!”

    Matthew 8:21–Then another of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, let me first go and bury my father.”


  6. Come on, this video was funny. Seriously, lighten up and learn to enjoy life a little. Sure, we need to meet regularly, so that we can worship Him, fellowship with other believers, and hear the Word, but there are times, like when the Super Bowl is on, that I think it’s cool to just hang with friends and family, and enjoy. Hey, as a preacher’s kid, I can remember all those years going to Sunday night service, even though the Super Bowl was going on, and being resentful. Lighten up! It’s entirely possible to have a heart for God and still enjoy watching football. Seriously, with all of the pain and suffering and hurt, do we really need to pick on a church because they used a little humor, gave members a time to enjoy themselves, and let their pastors feel like normal dudes?

    Tonight, because we did not have church, I was able to spend some time with my wife and kids, and join some friends for the Super Bowl. We talked about a lot of things – our church, this morning’s sermon, and we were even able to invite a couple of our friends to service next Sunday. Just because we weren’t in church, that doesn’t mean we didn’t honor and worship God.


  7. This impastor of the church is saying:Hey were not going to be here. Football is our real God and we are going to watch it with the rest of the pagans. Anything you put in front of God is an idol and anything you put behind you for Gods sake is victory—1 John 2:15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. You cant win souls the worlds way you do it Gods way.


  8. I watched the video, and it seemed to be an amusing way of saying that the 6pm service was cancelled. They had 3 other services that day, and were telling people to come to one of those. I suspect that they were canceling the service because so few people would come to it, there wasn’t much of a point to having one. One pastor I knew said that the only reason he was NOT canceling the evening service on Super Bowl Sunday was because there were a few people who told him they would be coming. His words were, “I would just cancel the service if they didn’t tell me they were coming; I’m not going to drive 20 miles to heat an empty building.”

    This church cancelled a prayer meeting on a Wednesday night because there was a vigil for four police officers who were murdered; they were not worshipping the police that night.

    That being said, how about this for an option: I know a church that did this long ago, a smaller church, which is really the only way this could work. They had their morning service, then a potluck, then their evening service in the afternoon, then they watched the Super Bowl on the big screen. It was a time of fellowship for everyone, and nobody got drunk while watching the game.

    This reminds me of a youth pastor who deliberately moved the youth group meetings to Friday nights in order to, “send a message to the teens that they need to choose between God and school dances.” He became very angry when I explained that this was both setting up a stumbling block and establishing an extrabiblical requirement to following Christ.

    Don’t get me wrong; Newspring does a lot of things wrong and, “we’re awesome” antics; this isn’t one of them.


  9. 072591:

    The most insidious evils come most concealed. Can Christians watch the Super Bowl? The World Series? Golf Tournaments? The Olympics? I can’t find anywhere in Scripture where we’re forbidden to watch others competing in contests. But I believe the Desert Pastor and Fourpointer expressed the issue, which gets down to people like Perry giving a higher priority for a scheduled time to a worldly event, than to Almighty God, Who bled and died to save us from an eternity of hellfire, and LONGS to spend time with us. And not just that, but a time to be a body unified in the spirit in fellowship with the Holy Spirit. It’s not that he cancelled the time. He just bumped it down the schedule, giving priority to a time of worldly excitement. It says: “well, I already went to church, did the worship thing, now I’m entitled to have my fun”. It relegates God to a line item which we schedule into our busy lives. And “as long as we budget Him in somewhere, pencil Him in here or there, we’ve done our spiritual thing.”

    And that is the essence of Idolatry: not necessarily removing God altogether, just having something/someone of equal or greater value in our lives than Him and His word. And that shows up in where He fits in our priorities. If we, as individuals, choose to do that, we will individually answer to Him for it. But when a so-called “pastor” who his flock look to for godly example, initiates it, and encourages it, then he sets the precedent of de-valuing the priority God should have in our lives, to the whole congregation. In essence, he’s planting the seeds of Idolatry. And as Fourpointer said, he also sends the unsaved world the message: “See? We’re just like you! We let trivial things take precedence over worship!”

    Having said that, many seem to miss the point that God doesn’t want our bottoms to warm pews. He wants our hearts. He wants a relationship with us. He loves us deeply. He would like it if we loved Him (with our whole hearts), rather than to be treated like a genie in the bottle that we pull out when we need Him (yet expect Him to always care for us).


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