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If [the local church was] to draw the masses, like the televangelist did, it apparently could best be done by wrapping the faith in the package of entertainment—for the people, having now been trained to be consumers, have also been taught that the ultimate sin is to be bored. Hence the birth of the market-driven church that caters to the insatiable appetite for amusement in society in general.

– Gary Gilley

4 thoughts on “Quotes (450)

  1. It would appear my home church will be going this route in 2009. Each message featuring a skit or video, sanctuary decorated accordingly, ushers/greeters/parking attendants costumed to match the theme.

    I trying to reserve judgment until it is all unveiled, but I don’t feel good about the situation.


  2. There are definitely perilous times ahead brother. I can only encourage you to keep your eyes on the Son, stay the course, and never compromise.

    Here for each other for encouragement even though miles separate us,
    – The Pilgrim


  3. This is happening so many places and the worst part about it is that those pastors who do take a stand for truth are accused of ‘judging’ those who don’t. Those who do take a stand are far and few between. The cost is high but there’s a cost whether you do take a stand or you don’t!

    The cost for taking a stand is ridicule and persecution possibly even death! The cost for not taking a stand is 1.) if you’re not saved, eternal damnation in hell and 2.) if you are saved then you will get to heaven yet so as by fire which means no rewards and definitely not hearing from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”


  4. “The cost for taking a stand is ridicule and persecution possibly even death!”

    I find that hard to believe. Not the ridicule and persecution part(as my family has been exposed to it), but the threat of death? Seriously? For speaking up against entertainment in the Church? Are we so prideful as to suggest that Christians will not abide by the Law of Love laid out in Romans 14?
    There are enough Christians suffering in the world right now without us pretending to be martyrs.


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