Franklin Graham follows in his father’s footsteps of compromise.

franlkin-graham I found the following piece from Ingrid Schlueter over at Slice of Laodicea. I’ve reprinted it below in it’s entirety.

Franklin Graham finds it “ludicrous” that any Christian could object to Rick Warren invoking God’s blessing on Barack Obama and his administration. Frankly, I find it ludicrous that any Christian would even consider asking for God to bless a man who has sworn to defend child-killing and homosexual rights. As Joseph Farah put it, God isn’t going to bless that no matter what Warren intones at the inauguration.

The Graham family has made a practice of speaking smooth, silky, easy messages to U.S. Presidents. There is no John Knox blood running in the Graham veins. There is no John the Baptist precedent from that quarter. When a President campaigns on a platform built on the bones of the preborn, it is the moral obligation of all Christians to cry out. Someone who claims to be a minister of the Gospel has an even greater responsibility to confront evil and to defend the helpless. The Grahams have refused to do that and the bloodshed continues.

It would have been a horrendous thing to have a Christian believer pray an invocation for Hitler and his murderous leaders who killed 6 million Jews. It is equally monstrous to think that a Christian minister today would pray an invocation for the murderous leaders who have overseen the butchery of 50 million American babies. Franklin Graham, we’re not going to remain silent in the face of Warren’s treachery, now or ever.

2 thoughts on “Franklin Graham follows in his father’s footsteps of compromise.

  1. I find it useful sometimes when engaging events of this nature to stick to one topic at a time, or the whole thing ends up sounding somewhat inflammatory.

    If this is about the Grahams, we need to remember that we don’t know what is shared with Presidents in the private moments. In my heart, after reading many biographies, I believe that Billy is not one to be acquainted with compromise. Furthermore, I don’t think any U.S. President has time for any advisor who is simply telling him what he wants to hear, be it foreign policy, economics or faith. I expect that many of the older Graham’s words have challenged his hearers. BG is responsible for sharing the Word of God, not for how his listeners respond.

    If this is about Warren, it isn’t fair to judge a public prayer he hasn’t yet prayed. Certainly there are some elements of any administration that a minister of the Gospel cannot condone, let alone expect that God would. But what does it mean to ask God to “bless” an administration? God will not show favor to those who oppose Him, so asking for His “blessing” is, in many ways, exactly what’s called for.

    Warren has been given a platform and an unparalleled opportunity to bring a God focus to a civic event. Let’s pray for him and sees what he does with that opportunity.


  2. I cannot verify the facts in the article, but I do have concerns about preachers like Graham whose sons take the “family business” for questionable motives.

    I will say from personal experience that Franklin Graham was about as far from a Christian that I could imagine when I met him at LeTourneau College. I personally thought he was a punk, and wondered if he would live this long without his family influence getting him out of trouble.

    If Graham and other spoiled preachers kids were the only examples of Christians I had met, I would now be an atheist, because I saw nothing good in their lives.


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