The Duggar family welcomes child number 18.

duggar-familyThe Duggar’s have just welcomed their 18th child. If you do not know who the Duggar family is, I encourage you to check out their website. They are an encouragement to all Christian households and an example of God’s plan and design for the Christian family.

And for those of you Christians who look down on large families with contempt, I highly recommend that you first listen to Voddie Baucham’s sermon The Centrality of the Home before leaving any disparaging and discouraging comments on this post.

6 thoughts on “The Duggar family welcomes child number 18.

  1. I wish I had their skill at managing their home! I have six children and fail to plan correctly, fail to keep things in order. I think I compromised early on and now am paying the price. I do admire the Duggar’s commitment to teaching their children scripture, responsibility, and order.

    I pray they have more if God so chooses. Of course, I will never catch them in numbers, but I still would like more children myself. I want to be content with the number of children God chooses to bless me with.


  2. This the first time that I encountered the Duggar family. I am very impressed with this family, not only with their number, but their portrayal of what a Christian family should be.

    I also want God to bless me with children as much as He pleases, in the future. Every time I am asked on how many children I would like to have, my answer is “it depends on how many God will give me.” People rather find it an odd answer, with the advent of birth control and people wanted to be on specifying the number and even sexes of the children. I believe God wanted us to submit to him about having children, that includes on how many children He would like to give us.

    It was rather encouraging to see a family who shared the same view like me and see them blessed!


  3. I am impressed with the Duggars and their witness. We had TLC on and off most of Christmas eve and day and caught many of the episodes. Their unflinching and unapologetic stand for God’s principles are refreshing.

    The eldest made a comment in one of the original TV shows back when they had a paltry 15 or 16 kids. The interviewer asked him something to the effect of his home-life and upbringing squelching his individuality. That young man sat up straight, looked directly at the interviewer and clearly told him that they were indeed individuals with their own gifts and drives. How refreshing as opposed to our current generation of young people express their “individuality” by striving to look like each other and look like the pop stars of the day in dress, pierceings and tattoos.

    It will be cool over the next few years to watch the older ones start growing up and touching the culture of their town and city.

    I think they rely a great deal on Bill Gothard teaching.



  4. I think that’s great that they want more. I would also like to have more but it’s not possible for me. I did want to put a plug in for another way of getting children if a person cannot have them naturally. There are many children who are in desperate need of godly and loving homes both in the US as well as in many other countries! Raising your adopted child/ren is just as rewarding as raising your birth child/ren. Remember that we, as true believers, were adopted into God’s family! Whether the Lord blesses you with children through adoption or through birth, it is important to realize that children are a heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is HIS reward!


  5. As a mother of six I am amazed at how well she handles all her children and homeschools to boot. Its one thing to have a bunch of children and send them off to school everyday, its quite another to have your children with you 24/7!

    I’m also amazed that immediately after each birth she says she wants to have another. I just had my sixth child 6 weeks ago and my first response was ” I don’t know if I can do this again!”. Its really a struggle to keep a “quiverfull” mind set when the world around you is so anti-children.


  6. Here’s another big Christian family that lives a Christian life centered around the Bible. They are the Hale family of Alaska but they are also called the “Pilgrim family” by their neighbors. I’m from Alaska and I’ve met this family before.


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