Being bold and radical, or being contemptuous and blasphemous?

jesus-costume Some professing Christians in Kansas City have discovered what the greatest problem facing the world is today, and what the most menacing threat to Christianity is.

Apparently the folks at Praise Chapel have identified the problem as retailers and shoppers not acknowledging Christ in Christmas enough. Wouldn’t this simply be a case of worldly unregenerate people acting like worldly unregenerate people?

They consider what they’re doing as being “bold” and “radical.” But how does getting people to say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” do anything for their eternal soul? Will people be cast into a Christless eternity in Hell because they said “Season’s Greetings” or because they were not born again of God and made new creatures?

Although I completely disagree with their mockery-style tactic lacking all reverence for the Holy Son of God, I’d be more impressed by their efforts if they tried being “bold” and “radical” by taking their stunt to the places where Christ is truly being left out . . . the churches across America!

See the fox news article here.

HT: Sola Dei Gloria

2 thoughts on “Being bold and radical, or being contemptuous and blasphemous?

  1. This one just caused me to shake my head in disbelief! There are better things to do then to walk around dressed in a white robe with thorns on your head trying to get people to say, “Merry Christmas,” instead of, “Season’s greetings,” or, “Happy Holidays!”


  2. Praise God for their boldness! People do crazy stuff for the devil all the time ,it’s about time Christians rose up and did something radical for God. Without Jesus their wouldn’t be a Christmas!


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