“Purpose” = “Compromise”

Rick Warren, pastor of the Church at Laodicea Saddleback Church, in an effort to show homosexuals that he could be just as tolerant of their sin as the next person, visited a gay thrift store in West Hollywood–all in the name of “Purpose” and “Unity” you know. You can see him trying to strike a “tolerant” pose here, with his arm around the openly gay owner of the store.

From TMZ.com:

We got this pic, taken yesterday at Out of the Closet thrift store. That’s Warren on the right (naturally), his arm around Erol Sarabi, who is openly gay. Warren, who supports the ban on gay marriage which has not sat real well with some Obama supporters, bought 8 to 10 books, two of which were his own (that doesn’t help with his Amazon ranking). Warren told Sarabi not to believe everything he reads, that he does a lot for AIDS research and was happy that Out of the Closet does free AIDS testing.

“Two of which were his own?” Are you kidding me?? He’s happy they do free AIDS testing? Is he happy they are living in outright sin also?

From another blog:

Meanwhile, in another attempt to soften his anti-homosexual stance, Warren pulled a message from his website. John Aravosis of Americablog noticed that Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church website on Friday said it explicitly bans gay “unwilling to repent of their homosexual lifestyle” to become members. That message has since been removed. But one thing that hasn’t been permanently removed but “rather repurposed for clarity” is the site’s Q & A section addressing homosexuality. Kristin Cole, the press representative for the Saddleback Church purportedly e-mailed the gay website queerty saying:

I wanted to make sure you were aware that the Q & A addressing homosexuality on the Saddleback Church Web site has not been permanently removed, but rather repurposed for clarity. I know your readers have noticed the change. Click here and play the recorded answer to question 22, “What does the Bible say homosexuality?”

Is Rick Warren ashamed of taking–and maintaining–a biblical stance against homosexuality? It seems as though the quote from Martin Luther posted by Desert Pastor should be passed along to Mr. Warren.

I have to wonder something: how did the media get wind of this? How did TMZ find out that Mr. Purpose was at this thrift store? Paparazzi? I doubt it. How many Hollywood photogs are following Rick Warren around, cataloging his every move? No doubt The P.E.A.C.E. Pastor had someone put out the word he was visiting this place so they could do a photo-op of this event. It’s obvious the store owner didn’t approach Warren about having this picture taken, let alone forward it to the media.

You know, it wouldn’t seem so fishy if the Purpose Driven Pope hadn’t just been chosen to do the invocation at the inauguration for The Obamanation with all the kerfluffle that surrounded it. But the timing, the chutzpah, the obvious ham-handed attempt to look “tolerant” to those who are very intolerant of Christians–all in the name of “Purpose”–This was one big PR stunt meant to drive up book sales–Pastor Warren’s favorite “Purpose.”

18 thoughts on ““Purpose” = “Compromise”

  1. From Romans 1:32~Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

    It is time the body of Christ call this man what he is, a heretic, a false teacher, not a pastor/teacher of the word of God. He is not a man of God, he needs to be dealt with just like an unrepentant sinner; shunned, turned over to Satan.


  2. The Bible says: “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.
    1 Timothy 6:10


  3. Eugene~if Warren were a friend to sinners, he would have shared the good news with this homosexual. He would have proclaimed the word of God concerning homosexuality, and this man’s crimes against a holy God in light of the Word. He would have presented the love of Christ, His work on the cross, His suffering, death, and resurrection to reconcile wicked vile mankind back to a holy righteous God. Warren’s agenda is clear, he is embracing sin for p.r. purposes. This is unacceptable. Nowhere in scripture does Christ do such a thing.


  4. Hi Lyn
    Let me start by saying that I think the best (but not the only) way of sharing the Good News on a personal basis is through relationship.

    There is a lot of assumption going on here. You assume that Warren did not share any of the Good News (not even a seed). You assume that he did not befriend Erol and by that opening up a future opportunity to share the Good News. You assume that Warren set this up as a p.r. stunt. We cannot know these things yet you judge him as if all the above are true. If he had ulterior motives as you suggest I agree with you but we do not know that. He might have just as well befriended Erol and down the line we might learn that Erol came to faith in Christ causing much celebration in heaven.

    In stead of standing in judgement of this event I would rather pray for Erol that he might come to the knowledge of Christ Jesus, trusting Him for his salvation and experiencing the saving power of God in his life.

    May God’s peace and mercy be with you


  5. Eugene~how can one assume the Gospel was given? We cannot ‘love’ people into heaven, the Gospel itself is very offensive. A lost sinner must be made aware they are a sinner, separated from God.
    What is missing from R. Warren’s theology? ‘First, sin is missing. There is no mention of our sin and our sinful nature causing a complete separation between us and a holy God. No matter how good we try to act, we cannot do anything that will justify God’s mercy towards us. The result of our sin is that we are distended for eternity in hell. This is not a very “user friendly” statement.

    Next, Christ’s atonement is missing. Without Christ’s death for our sin, there is not way that we can experience God’s mercy. In order to appease God’s holy demand for the payment of sin, Christ lived a perfect life to that by fulfilling the Law so that his death will provide the forgiveness of sin for the entire world. This is greatest expression of love.

    Finally, salvation is a gift of God. We cannot even believe in Christ since we are dead to sin. The gift of salvation is based on God giving us the faith to the believe. It’s 100% God in Christ, and 0% us.’ from http://www.extremetheology.com/2006/09/what_does_rick_.html

    With that said, how can R. Warren present the Gospel effectively, IF he presents it at all, when he leaves out the ‘sting’?
    This continual accusation of ‘standing in judgment’ is wearing thin. Zeal without knowledge is deadly. I would ask that you educate yourself on Warren’s ‘theology’, and please, compare it to what scripture teaches.
    I am not deliberately trying to be harsh, it is tiring to continually have defend God’s truth against ‘Christians’. The definition of ‘Christian’ is so broad, it has lost it’s original meaning.
    Did Christ, or any of the Apostles go up and ‘throw their arms around’ sinners? NO!! This is a p.r. stunt by Warren, he is trying to appease the homosexual community. IF he truly cared about this man who he embraces, he would have told him his sin is an abomination to God, and then given him the good news of the cross of Christ. IF Warren did indeed give the gospel, according to his own theology, it was null and void. He leaves out the offense of sin…wonder why?!
    Instead of defending wolves, let’s proclaim God’s truth, the WHOLE COUNSEL!

    The tragedy of all this is summed up as follows; this lost sinner who Warren ’embraces’, is still just as lost regardless of whether Warren shared his ‘gospel’ or not; so how much does Warren really ‘love’ the lost? How much does Warren really ‘love’ Jesus Christ? Apparently, not enough to preach the offense of sin.
    “If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all” Isaiah 7:9 {niv}


    May I add this, if Warren was trying to ‘build a relationship’ first before presenting his watered down gospel, what good would it do if this lost sinner were gunned down hours later, or killed in a horrific car accident? We might not get a ’second chance’ to share the true Gospel and should seize the moment when it presents itself, all as the Holy Spirit leads.


  6. Dear Lyn

    I was only trying to point out that a lot of assumptions was made and by those assumptions a conclusion was reached that Warren did this for the single reason of PR.

    I pray that you will find God’s grace sufficient for today.


  7. I appreciate your comment Eugene, but it’s wrong to assume Warren has the Gospel, or lost souls as his best interest. From onenewsnow.com, “I was trying to point out I’m not opposed to gays having their partnership. I’m opposed to gays using the term marriage for their relationship.” – Rick Warren

    We must understand Almighty God’s white hot hatred of sin; God does not tolerate sin and we are not to tolerate it either. We certainly should never use it for our personal gain. When you take into consideration Warren’s theology, and his tolerating homosexual partnership, it becomes clear what he’s up to.
    It angers me that wolves like Warren are who the media plaster all over their websites and t.v., like he represents Christ on earth. Yet, this lost soul he embraces is STILL just as lost before Rick Warren entered his life, as is all who follow his teachings. This should break the hearts of every true follower of Christ. I pray God would be gracious enough to let it always anger and break hearts when wolves spew out their propaganda for personal gain, while the hearts of those they deceive remain dead in sin; tragically this, Eugene, is the center core of it all. You will find the teachings of Warren exposed at http://apprising.org/category/rick-warren/

    May the Lord be gracious to you Eugene, and guide you in all truth. Please bear in mind the warning from 2 Thess. 2:11 “Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”
    Let us remember to pray for Rick Warren, and all who are still lost in sin. God bless you Eugene.


  8. I was really happy when Rick Warren went against the establishment and stood by the biblical point of view on gay marriage and the gay lifestyle in general. I believe we should love the gay/homosexuals but we can not advocate or be permissive about the lifestyle and their desire for civil liberties (equal to African-Americans and women). To hate the sin and love the sinner is a fine line many pastors/Christians must walk. I believe that Jesus would want us to speak the truth and walk in love. I am disappointed in Rick, though. In his attempt to not come off as offensive, he has watered down his biblical stance (the very thing that made him who well known) and said he did not mean to offend anyone (the gospel offends the sinner/sin in us all). Jesus/God said it originally, not man, so why apologize? He did not call for gay people to be rounded up or have their human rights taken away, he just told America what the bible says. He originally spoke no hate for the gay community, he just didn’t go soft on certain issues. Now he is going soft and that is disappointing on so many levels. Just stand up for the truth IN LOVE.


  9. lorilynn,

    Yes, it seems as though The P.E.A.C.E. Pastor™ has decided that selling books is more important than taking and maintaining a biblical stance against sin. He Might as well be lumped in together with Schuller, Osteen, and others who only seek to make people more comfortable in their sins.

    As for the statement that To hate the sin and love the sinner is a fine line many pastors/Christians must walk, one thing pastors need to remember is that while they are to love sinners, God does not. God not only hates sin–He hates the unrepentant sinner as well. Psalm 5:4-6–For You are not a God who takes pleasure in wickedness, nor shall evil dwell with You. The boastful shall not stand in Your sight; You hate all workers of iniquity. You shall destroy those who speak falsehood; the LORD abhors the bloodthirsty and deceitful man. We are to love sinners by telling them their condition before a holy God.


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