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voddie-baucham I’m not trying to say that it is necessarily wrong for children to play organized sports . . . . [but] being a member of an organized traveling baseball squad at age ten doesn’t add a single day to one’s life. In fact, many of these activities get in the way of much loftier pursuits. People turned boys into men and girls into women for most of recorded history without dragging them around town with their tongues hanging out in an effort to keep up with their overachieving, undereducated, theologically illiterate peers as they try to win trophies that will eventually gather dust in a basement somewhere. If I teach my son to keep his eye on the ball but fail to teach him to keep his eyes on Christ, I have failed as a father.

– Voddie Baucham

5 thoughts on “Quotes (446)

  1. OH, OH, OH, Bro Voddie has hit a nerve now. Praise the LORD that quote. I’ve seen the sports thing played (excuse the pun) out over and over as a former youth Sunday school teacher and lay worker jack of all trades in the youth department. What would be laughable if it weren’t so SAD are the LAME excuses the parent shares for pulling their youngster out of worship, Wednesday night or Sunday school. My favorite was one parent, no less a leader in the congregation that would come in and pull their child out of the class during teaching time to make the next game. Specifically, why would a parent ever enroll their child in AAU baseball or soccer when they know UP front EVREY game is on a Sunday? One parent pulled her youth out of church for hockey week after week — hockey in Florida – go figure. I have watched the spiritual growth (more specifically the lack thereof) of the students that made school or league sports, especially those with games or travel on Sundays a priority. The parents played lip service to nurturing their child’s spiritual growth, but it was pretty obvious to the student and all others that the main emphasis was prepping them for a scholarship or future fame. Enough mischief and carrying on occurred when we went on church road trips. I heard the stories of undershaperoned free-for-all road trips for athletic tournaments. What a farce. Yes, brother Voddie hit a hot button. There were so many parents that I just wanted to take by the collar and ask “what in the world are you thinking?”


  2. Several years back we put our two oldest boys on a baseball team and specifically asked if they did any practice or games on a Sunday. They told us no so we enrolled them. We told them beforehand that if any games or practice was on Sunday the boys wouldn’t be there. They also said that all games would be finished before 7 on Wednesday night. The games got later and later on Wednesday night so we were pulling the boys out in the middle of the games towards the end. The coach told our oldest son about three quarters of the way through that he was an excellent pitcher and wanted to teach him so he could get better at it. We thought that was great but then found out the practice would be Sunday morning at 10 am. We told the coach that it wouldn’t happen because we were at church at that time. He tried to argue with The Desert Pastor over it but my husband told him that we were not going to do anything different.

    By the next game our son was no longer the pitcher but put in outfield and treated as an outcast. He was their best pitcher as well as one of their best hitters. We never took them back to baseball although they called us and told us how good our oldest son was and that they would LOVE to have him back in baseball.

    We are so glad it didn’t go any further then that! This all happened when our children were much younger than they are now.

    Yes, Voddie Bauchum is right in that sports are not the final all-in-all like many parents like to think. He is also right in that parents, who are true believers and not teaching their children to keep their eyes on the Lord have failed as parents. How sad when parents have the wrong focus for their children!


  3. Another angle is school sports. Over and over I saw students leave the relative security of public middle school to the wild world of high school. They would try out for the sports teams and usually “make” the freshman or maybe JV team. Problem being they worked out and practiced with the older students from the varsity team. So many times I saw little freshmen get sucked into the parties, drinking, drugs and fornication sponsored by the older guys. Again much foolishness and lack of supervision on road trips and tournaments.


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