Rick Warren to give invocation at Barack Hussein Obama’s inauguration.

rw It’s official, Rick Warren is scheduled to deliver the invocation at pro-abortion, pro-infanticide, pro-homosexual Barack Hussein Obama’s inauguration (see here). So far the one’s making the biggest stink about this is the homosexual advancement crowd (see here). Maybe that’s because the Christians aren’t shocked anymore by those who claim to represent Christianity (read: we’ve come to expect this from the likes of Rick Warren).

I’m not sure why the pro-homosexual crowd is so stunned, though. After all, Barack Hussein Obama has invited the Lesbian and Gay Band Association to march in the inauguration. Isn’t that enough of a compromise? Or is it the total absence of all opposition that these “tolerant” special interest groups are seeking?


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5 thoughts on “Rick Warren to give invocation at Barack Hussein Obama’s inauguration.

  1. Let me ask just this one question, are you suggesting that no one should pray at the inauguration? Does Christ not have a place in the public forum regardless of what the president elect or the public believes? What if John Macarthur was asked to pray, would you tell him to decline the invitation? In my opinion I beleive that it is an excellent opportunity to allow the light of Christ to shine


  2. I have to be honest here, I’m a little disappointed you guys have not mentioned what I believe may be the biggest story as regards Obama, specifically, that he has continously failed and refused to produce his birth certificate showing he is even eligible to hold the office of President according to the constitution’s requirement that one be a ‘natural born citizen’ to hold the office..

    The man was born in Kenya!! This man is going to be the first to usurp the white house office of President of the United States! Don’t you guys read worldnetdaily? Even FOX and CNN is picking it up now, lol Cover it please!


  3. Dear alleghanybaptist:

    Thanks for your comment.

    If we tried to cover all the issues with Barack Hussein Obama we’d be posting 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we’d become a political blog.

    I don’t think we have the time to go into the many facets of BHO that there are. We will focus on those main issues that deal directly with the Christian faith (infanticide, abortion, homosexual rights, home schooling, etc.)

    This does not mean that we will avoid his birth place in future posts, but for right now, I personally will leave that issue to Fox, CNN, and all the others who have picked it up.

    Thanks again for your comment and your concern.

    Stay the course & never compromise.

    – The Pilgrim


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