News from across the pond.

Just two news stories from Britain that I thought you’d be interested in.

Sony confirms that Muslims can expect better treatment than Christians. Because one group will kill you and the other won’t.

Happy-clappy songs are judged to have ruined Britain. Think “Shine, Jesus, Shine.”

One thought on “News from across the pond.

  1. I would be in agreement with both of these articles although the happy-clappy songs aren’t the only things that ruined England!

    Muslims do get better treatment then Christians or even the British people do. If you’re a Muslim and you move to England, they will drop the world in your lap, give you a house (while the taxes have to pay for it), etc. etc. etc. If you are not Muslim (whether Christian or not) then don’t expect any special treatment no matter how much in need you are. This guy is definitely right!


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