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yahannan.jpg In few countries is the failure of Christian humanism more apparent than in Thailand. There, after 150 years of missionaries showing marvelous social compassion, Christians still make up only two percent of the entire population. Self-sacrificing missionaries probably have done more to modernize the country than any other single force. Thailand owes to missionaries its widespread literacy, first printing press, first university, first hospital, first doctor, and almost every other benefit of education and science. In every area, including trade and diplomacy, Christian missionaries put the needs of the host nation first and helped usher in the 20th century. Meanwhile, millions have slipped into eternity without the Lord. They died more educated, better governed, and healthier—but they died without Christ and are bound for Hell.

– K.P. Yohannan

3 thoughts on “Quotes (431)

  1. Even though this is true (and something I might quote when feeling bitter) it misses the point.
    Most of the missionaries have done humanitarian work to supplement their evangelism because in many other nations humanitarian efforts helped the gospel. But it didn’t work here in Thailand. The Thai’s just look at those efforts as merit-making to enhance personal karma.
    Thai people say to me “Wow I sure wish I had such an enlightened spiritual view as you do. But for now I must wait and live out my current Karma. I hope that in my next life I can be an American Christian Male and therefore attain to your wonderful holy Karma level.”
    Most mission groups that I work with are turning to CMP (Church Planting Movements) methodologies and have seen great results in the last 3 years. (Such as the revivals in OmKoi and ChaingDao).
    The Thai culture has built-in mechanisms that obstruct the gospel almost as effectively as Post-Modern Ex-Christianity.
    It is true that many previous Westerners came with a “Colonial” model of bringing their Western ideals, values and beliefs and overlaid it with Christianity. This makes the Westerner feel good and dis-empowers the locals. These “Colonials” usually last only a few years before burning-out. The long timers usually have a reasonable impact once they understand the complexities of the culture and of course become fluent on one of the worlds hardest languages.
    It is easy to be an arm-chair quarterback and judge the effectiveness of those who have gone before, but as a Christian we are called to be obedient and holy no matter how “successful” we seem to be. It is up to the Holy Spirit to win souls. All we can do is preach, lead a holy life, and pray that the Holy Spirit does the rest.
    Currently there are only 150,000 Thai Christians and 150,000 Tribal Christians here, but the percentage points are increasing each year. But so what. Those are just numbers. Jesus only reached out to who His father told Him to reach. We can’t let bitterness and statistics keep us down. Thailand is reachable and I believe it will happen soon. I know of many energetic young evangelists who are excited to go and reach their people. Many people have prophesied of a large wave of people from the north reaching out to the whole nation. Let’s pray that this happens soon.


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