Goodbye Westminster, hello Behemoth.


Earlier this month my wife stumbled upon something shocking. While perusing Westminster Bookstore (one of our favorite online book sellers) she asked me, “Did you know that Westminster Bookstore is selling Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Church?” I thought to myself there must be some mistake. So I walked from the kitchen over to the computer where she was at because I had to see it with my own eyes. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it: the reformed online book seller Westminster was indeed selling Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Church.

My wife and I both sent Westminster an e-mail (separately) in regards to this matter on November 3rd. It’s been three weeks and neither of us have received a reply. So it is with great sadness that I am removing them from DefCon’s Online Bookstores category as I can no longer endorse them.

However, I still can continue to endorse such trusted book sellers as Family Faith Books, Monergism Books, Vision Forum, and North Hampton Press. And now I am excited to introduce a new kid on the block: is run by Vision Forum (both very pro-family and pro-home school) and is definitely worth checking out. They offer a wide variety of materials and a daily free download.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye Westminster, hello Behemoth.

  1. Hi Pilgrim — I enjoy reading your blog and have cited it on a handful of occasions at my site.

    Was wondering if you really think Warren classifies as a 1 Tim 4:1 deceiver? We did a month-long church-wide program at the Baptist church I was attending in Scotland, and the teaching seemed to me to be just basic Christian life stuff: read the Word, get into fellowship, share your faith, etc.

    I was impressed by Warren’s own account (as told in TPDL) of how he was inspired to share his faith by his own father’s example. On his deathbed, his father kept repeating, ‘Go win one more for Jesus.’ I don’t agree with everything Warren says or does — I think he is overly pragmatic at times, but I believe his heart is in the right place and he truly wants to see people come to Christ.

    It’s obvious you have a strong desire to please God and bring others to know Christ as well. Perhaps Warren is worth a second look? Blessings to you and keep up the great blogging …


    (I didn’t clarify, but the month-long program we participated in was based on TPDL.) – Chris


  2. This is the statement by Westminister…
    NOTE: We are carrying this book because it may be of value to some doing research into current trends in the church. This contents of this book and the opinions of its author are not necessarily endorsed by Westminster Bookstore or by Westminster Theological Seminary.

    Do you think this is a “hide behind?” I mean, this book can be obtained by many former members of Warrenite churches probably for free without much effort.


  3. Chris,

    Perhaps it seems harsh to put Warren in the category of the I Timothy folk, but without a doubt the man comes under the category of those preaching another gospel, which is no gospel;

    But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

    Take a seriously hard look at some of the doctrines preached, and if you can get your hands on the ministry training helps it will be enough to make you run screaming from any mention of his name in association with Biblical Christianity.


  4. Thanks, beyondbluestocking. I’ll keep researching, but until I find good reason to believe Warren is an apostate preaching the doctrines of devils, I will assume he is simply a misguided brother. 1 Cor. 13 tells us that love always hopes, and I think that should be our default position until we see evidence that someone really needs to be shunned utterly.



  5. Dear Chris:

    I highly recommend getting your hands on the book Deceived on Purpose by Warren Smith. It will open your eyes to the real Rick Warren that may shock you. You can check out some reader reviews here.

    Also, check out this episode of CrossTalk. They discuss Robert Schuller’s ReThink conference in the first half and then they interview Warren Smith in the second half regarding Rick Warren. Did you know that Schuller was Rick Warren’s mentor? (That alone is enough for me to reject Rick Warren.)

    And while you’re waiting for that book to arrive, check out the following links to whet your whistle:

    There’s also a plethora of info on Rick Warren on Apprising which can be found here.

    I hope this helps.


    – The Pilgrim


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