How long before America becomes like Australia?

liberal-compassionAccording to Beyond Blue Stockings, Australia passed a bill last month that allows abortion at any stage of pregnancy and for any reason. With America’s recent election of pro-aborion candidate Barack Hussein Obama to the office of presidency, I wonder how long it will be before we follow suit.

One thought on “How long before America becomes like Australia?

  1. It doesn’t make sense how the world thinks.

    People cry in protest for eating meat, animal cruelty and so on and so forth. People protest for damaging the earth, the trees, the ocean, the air, space, etc.etc.

    But nobody cries bloody murder against abortion? This is heartbreaking, to think that people would rather save animals than human.

    My wife is 28 weeks pregnant, and it will be our first baby. I thank God everyday for giving us this gift, after 6 years of waiting. As soon as she reaches her second month of pregnancy, we had the opportunity to see our baby when he was just a seed yet. A small seed, but with a heart beating twice the rate of my wife. Now in her 28 weeks, the development is phenomenal. I can now feel his movement. He now has a much stronger heartbeat. I’d be stupid to say that there is no life in him.

    How can a person conceive that there is no life in an unborn child? It just aches me to read this and hear all the news about abortion. I thought we will never have a child, because of my diabetes. My wife and I have prayed relentlessly for a child, and if it’s his will for us not to have one, we prayed that God’s comfort and salvation be the completing factor in our marriage.

    This is what satan does, to destroy the perfect design of God. John 10:10. Abortion defies the God that creates and brings life. Homosexuality defies the God that created marriage between a man and a woman. Fornication defies the God that commands to live and present our bodies as living sacrifice holy and acceptable to Him. Sin defies GOD!

    I’m sorry if I’m all over the place. God Bless!


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