Obama’s Muslim faith

Oops! Barry Hussein slips up in an interview and discloses just where his “faith” is–and it ain’t in the Christian God! Barry lets it slip that his “god” is the Muslim “god” Allah. And the most galling thing about this clip–he doesn’t even blink! When it comes to profesional liars, this guy make Bill Clinton look like an ameteur.

Well, I did my early voting yesterday, and cast my vote against Islam and Sharia Law. I ain’t voting for a baby-killing Muslim.

12 thoughts on “Obama’s Muslim faith

  1. I regret to have ignorant people in my country…

    #1 the Muslim religion is a peaceful religion, the extremest bring it to a nasty level, nothing to do with the fundamentals of the religion (study it)…have you ever heard of Christian extremest? Or, Nazis? Or, skin heads? Or people despising humans at a presidential rally, with the future president not addressing it and stopping it?

    #2 extremest are people who are convinced that their way is the only way, hate and anger towards which they don’t understand brings them to kill and despise, it kind of sounds like your stating…you sound like you hate…are you a terrorist? A hater? How about a good example for my children as good American?

    #3 Obama is a Christian. His vocabulary, knowledge and awareness of other religions makes him a better man and a better president….The United States of America is a melting pot.

    As for me, I am 27, white and wanting to be a proud American again.


  2. Alfred,

    Islam’s number one goal is world submission to Allah. It was spread by the sword at its outset, and will be spread by bombs until the world submits. Barry Hussein has let it slip that although he may talk like a Christian when he feels it helps his cause, he will trash the Bible when he thinks it will get him a few radical votes. And if you think that a man who approves of killing babies is a good Christian, then I am afraid you are mistaken.

    duba–constitutionally, that does not preclude him from being president. Unfortunately. But, it should preclude us from putting the safety of this country into the hands of a man who values his Muslim faith (see also 9/11/2001).


  3. Sen. Obama is a christian when it suits him. He’s a follower TUCC’s Black Liberation theology for twenty years. I find it extremely uncomfortable when he struts like Jeremiah Wright and cloaks his speech in biblical terms like “I feel a righteous wind at our backs”. He ignores the universality of sinfulness and imputes righteousness to his followers, who are self-perceived victims of the economy/gov’t/society. Actually the abortion issue does bleed over into other issues like covetessness, class envy, private property. Economic justice is not justice. Social justice is not justice.
    Those phrases are speech codes for appropriating property.

    I don’t think Sen. Obama is a muslim or a christian, he is most likely a marxist.


  4. Carol,
    I agree I think he is a marxist. He’s hungry for power just as the people behind him are. You have only to look at his associates & his views on moral issues to know that he is neither Mulsim or Christian.


  5. Dear friends, there is no evidence whatsoever to support the claim of Senator Obama and Mr. Stephanopoulos that B. Hussein Obama is a “Christian.” The fact that he says he is a Christian, and the fact that he is a member of a United Church of Christ are both meaningless.

    Point No. 1: Saying you are a Christian does not mean you are one. You can look that up in Matthew 7:21 and elsewhere in the New Testament.

    Point no. 2: Being a member of any kind of church does not mean you are a Christian. If you need proof, read John chapter 3 in the Bible.

    Point No. 3: B. Hussein points to his membership in the United Church of Christ (the UCC) to support his claim. That denomination is widely referred to among Bible-believing Christians as “Unitarians Considering Christ.”

    For those of you in Rio Linda, that means it is not Christian even though it calls itself Christian. See Points no. 1 and 2.

    And, of course, if further evidence were needed that B. Hussein is not a Christian, his support for abortion would surely provide it.


  6. Just because that still could’ve been a slip-up, I’m not ready to assume just yet that Obama really is a muslim. I can understand that slip-up. Whether he’s Muslim or not, my personal issue is his policies on abortion.


  7. Carol is right. There is ZERO evidence that BO is a Muslim. Was his 20 years at Wright’s church some kind of cover-up? Christians and conservatives are made to look nutty and downright dishonest when we make these kinds of obviously false claims. Christian ethics demands we afford even our enemies the charity of honesty.

    However, as Carol mentioned, there is a MOUNTAIN of evidence that BO is a socialist, cavorting over the last two decades with a motley crew of Marxists. For example, check out BO’s affinity for Saul Alinsky.

    I share DefCon’s animus for just about everything BO stands for, but we need to focus on the real issues and not get distracted by internet-created legends.


  8. Jim,

    Are you seriously using Barry’s membership in a church pastored by a hate-filled racist (Jeremiah Wright) that spews venom from the pulpit to give credence to Obama’s claim to be a Christian? If I attended a church pastored by David Dukes, could I claim to be a Christian as well?

    That said, Barry Hussein may not be a full-fledged, strap on a vest and fly a jet into the WTC Muslim–but on’t think the seeds haven’t been planted. Daniel Pipes (who has written extensively about Islam) wrote an article on Obama back n January, talking about Obama’s Muslim education as a child. Add to that the fact that Barry felt some need to “reconnect” with that Muslim father (he also had a Muslim stepfather), and you have the makings of a man who might not be as honest about his Islamicity as he is letting on.


  9. 4pter,

    I never said I believed BO is a Christian. I said his 20-year attendance at Wright’s church is pretty good evidence that BO is not a Muslim.

    So, because BO briefly attended a Muslim school as a child and because he wanted to reconnect with his father (weird!) who happens to be a Muslim, BO is therefore a Muslim? I see a striking similarity between the logic employed here and elsewhere at DefCon.

    I am as opposed to BO as anyone. However, it helps no one – except maybe BO, the very one you’re attacking – to parrot falsehoods about the man. Why not focus on BO’s very real Marxist/socialist worldview? His abhorrent record and rhetoric on infanticide? William Ayers? Jeremiah Wright?

    My point is that there are plenty of legitimate concerns with BO. We don’t need to fabricate.

    (I don’t mean to accuse you personally of originating this story. I recognize it has been floating around the internet for months.)


  10. Jim B,

    Yeah, but…………. It is odd that BO certainly seems to know casually and long term folks who spew a lot of anti-Semitic verbage. That is a note worthy fact, not a falsehood.
    For a fellow, who according to his audiobiography ” I chose my friends carefully”, one would wonder what could possibly lead him to seek acquaintance with such persons.
    We do know that Mrs Obama attended Professor Khalidi’s daughters wedding, he was acquainted with Louis Farrakhan and NOI, and stunned a reporter of the NY Times by perfectly reproducing a lyrical ‘Call to Prayer’

    It seems like whatever circumstances BO does find himself, he changes his religion/core values/world perspective accordingly. I think he’s a muslim when it suits him, too. He is a narcissistic fence sitter, he’s whatever you want him to be, just give him the reins for human herd management. He’s the One.


  11. Carol,

    I graduated from a large public university with a BA in Political Science. I had several professors who were avowed Marxists. If you spend any time dialoguing with Leftists and Marxists, you will quickly discover a latent antisemitism. The Palestinians are viewed as the oppressed proletariat under the thumbs of the bourgeois Jews.

    So, there is a strange connection between otherwise conservative Muslim Jew-haters and Marxist academic types. It just simply doesn’t mean Obama is a Muslim. He’s not. He’s a Marxist.


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