Zero church to perform a “demonstration seance.”

Zero church is making news on DefCon again (see the previous post here). This time they are holding a “Halloween fun” service on November 1st in which the following description is provided:


. . . More than Halloween fun, although we will have plenty of that with illusions and a demonstration seance. We ask the big question, what happens after you die? Can we communicate with the dead?

You can see the advertisement here.

3 thoughts on “Zero church to perform a “demonstration seance.”

  1. Wow…could a “church” be more aptly named, or what? I live more or less right around the corner from this location. If a place was begging to be “tracted” or better yet, “street-preached” this is it. Anybody interested? I have so wanted to something like this, but do NOT want to go-it-alone. Anybody…?


  2. I like in the flyer where it says “we have a band, but not much worship” NICE! should say “We have a cross, but not much God”. “we have a bible, but we dont open it”

    OOOO!! better yet, “There is a heaven, and we probably wont lead you there”


  3. Patrice:

    Gayla may live in the same area. You can contact her and check out her post on this same subject here.


    So true, so true. That would be the best “truth in advertising” that money could buy.

    – The Pilgrim


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