Have you taken the LDS repentance quiz?

Dear Mormon, have you taken the LDS Repentance Quiz yet? If not, check it out here.

Source: MRM

2 thoughts on “Have you taken the LDS repentance quiz?

  1. Hi Justin,

    The intent here isn’t to “dis” Mormons.

    In fact although I can’t speak for anyone but myself I would posit that most if not all of Team DefCon would attest to the fact that the Mormons we personally know are a generally congenial, morally upstanding and all around fine bunch of folks by the standards of the world.

    But sadly when Mormonism and Mormons are measured by their fidelity to the One True and Living God and His uniquely inspired and singular self revelation as it is contained solely within the 66 books of His Word, the Holy Bible, we find that the LDS religion and its adherents fail miserably.

    It’s with this truth in mind – the truth that Mormonism is an eternally soul damning false religion – that we reach out with the truth in love those who are spiritually ensnared within and deceived by the doctrines of demons and cunning fables of men which came forth by the false teacher Joseph Smith Jr, seer, revelator and prophet of hell.

    In Christ,


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