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Needless to say, the purpose-driven, seeker-friendly churches have produced a huge crop of false converts. Fifteen years ago, when I became director [of Genesis Pregnancy Care Center in Pottstown, PA], we rarely saw Christians coming through our doors, but now 65-75% of our clients say they are “Christians.” Some have had four or more abortions; others are having their third or fourth child out of wedlock. Most are living with boyfriends and have not read a Bible or attended church since they repeated the “magic prayer.” Trying to reach these women with the truth of the Scriptures is like pulling teeth! They believe themselves to be saved, and that’s the end of the discussion. When confronted with their sin, they often become angry and defensive, sometimes to the point of leaving.

Dianne Pomon

4 thoughts on “Quotes (401)

  1. This quote makes a good point, but are even the worst “seeker” churches out there now using something called “the magic prayer?” I’ve heard that some churches are doing “talks” on Harry Potter and the Beatles and so forth, but I wonder if that’s just Ms. Pomon’s sarcastic name for what a lot of churches call the “sinner’s prayer?”


  2. I know what she’s dealing with there. I am in the military and meet people from all over the country and world that think they are regenerate. It is so hard to talk to them about repentance, holiness, but the most awkward of all for false converts is talking about the beauty of God. I wish that I could write a letter to religious gatherings all over America and plead with them to stop preaching and stop telling people they’re saved; because people like us have to come behind them and try to clean up the mess they have made. God’s name is profaned.


  3. It is amazing how people can say a prayer and think they are saved. I prayed several prayers and thought I was saved for the first 27 years of my life! It took hitting rock bottom before I realized I wasn’t saved. Just praying a prayer doesn’t save anyone!


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