January 1973: Every injustice has a beginning.

3 thoughts on “January 1973: Every injustice has a beginning.

  1. In Australia we have not learned either. Over 35 years after the events of January 1973 and we have just had what is said to be a ‘great victory’ with abortion removed from the state of Victoria’s Crimes Act only last week.


  2. How sad! I have heard that the only thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history. I don’t know who said that but it’s definitely the case in this day and age! Look at the Romans and see how they fell from within! That is happening in America! We are collapsing from within and it is heartbreaking.


  3. Something to think about. In 1973 I was a tender third grader in Mrs. Shepherd’s class. Little did I know that my generation would be the last “complete” generation.

    I watched a youth evangelist make a point by having every person under age 30 to stand up and then he had every fourth one sit down – being a youth meeting almost everyone was under thirty. That visual hit me like a punch to the stomach. The population of a AAAA high school gone every day – silently and with a handsome profit made. It is still hard for my mind to grasp. That same youth evangelist made a suggestion that really made me think as I was working with some broken youth at the time – – – he felt that much of the depression, angst, lack of direction and so on in youth was almost like a survivor’s guilt. They think “well, maybe I wasn’t meant to survive – maybe I shouldn’t be on this earth”.

    Oh what a terrible bill of goods Satan has sold us. Oh may God grant revival and reformation – – I fear though that all that is left is retribution and regret.


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