Saturday Message – Can a Christian Be a Freemason?

For the third week in a row DefCon interrupts our regularly scheduled Saturday sermon series Studies in Ephesians to bring you a message which we believe is VERY vital to all who claim to be a Christian and are also involved in Masonry.

This message entitled Can a Christian Be a Freemason? was preached by Ed Decker.

8 thoughts on “Saturday Message – Can a Christian Be a Freemason?

  1. Thank you for presenting this information. I have never studied the subject of Freemasonry in detail , though I knew of enough inconsistecies with Christianity to know it was not anything I could ever be involved in.
    Listening to this message gave me a really clear look at what they believe and teach in their own words. I am now better able to contend for the Faith and against Freemasonry.



  2. I was raised in Freemasonry not the church. As a 32 degree and Master of the lodge I presided over 40 funerals.
    I left the Lodge due to a distinct conflict between the Masonic funeral ritual and the teachings of Jesus. Masonry is a religion of works.


  3. Willohroot- are you the same one who posted at Desert Pastor’s blog concerning Warren’s inaugural prayer? You posted this concerning Warren’s prayer…

    January 21, 2009 at 11:19 am

    “I humbly ask this in the name of the one who changed my life, Yeshua, Isa, Jesus [Spanish pronunciation], Jesus, who taught us to pray: “Our Father, ..”
    This was my favorite part of the prayer. It is no misrepresentation to use differing pronunciations for the name of the Savior.”

    If this previous ‘willohroot’ commentary is you, I am encouraged by Coram Deo’s question to you concerning being born again.


  4. 30 years ago I had a Pauline experience that changed my life completely. The Holy Spirit brought me the Good News, and in repentance and faith I have yielded my all to a loving and merciful God who has attended my every need and held me close thru cancer, car wrecks, paralysis, and placed me in the pulpit of a dying church that was reborn into a new community of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.
    I have prayed with Spanish speakers to Jesus, pronounced “Yesu”, and with Messianic Jews to Yeshua the Messiach. I have had conversations with Moslems on the lies in the Koran about Isa, and some of the truths found there also, His Virgin Birth the first. . I speak to anyone I can about the Glory of my God as expressed through the perfect life of Jesus the Risen Savior.
    I praise God that He allows us to differ in opinion and still be called the Children of God. Feel free to check my blog for information.


  5. I read about albert pike, born dec. 1809–1891…..i read that he said that lucifer was god……and what get`s me is it`s not a bunch of men that are equal, you start off on the bottom of the ladder and work your way up, so you are doing a work right from the start, GOD said we are not save by our work`s, all men are equal in the sight of GOD……but you pay your dues monthly and you are year`s and year`s away from knowing what the top masons know, if you ever get to know at all……i read that 98% of all masons will die never knowing what the masons were really all about……so the masons as i have studied, put division among the members by numbering them, there is no way i would be a member of something where i paid my hard earned money and i was`nt as good as the rest of the members, could`nt be trusted to know what the other members knew……and i read that alister crowley was the centurys most notourist satan worshiper, that`s why i was shocked to read that revern billy graham is a 33% mason, can anyone confirm that billy is a freemason? thank`s….


  6. it wouldnt surprise me if billy graham was. 33 degree mason isthe level thre grand architect of the universe is lucifer.the illuminati incorporated with the group in the late 1800’s. you want to hear something funny, the knights templar were originallay servants of the church during the crusades, as were the stone masons who built those churches . you know what their three weapons are: law, property, and religion.


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