A Word from a Shriner!

This video is very shocking.  The man actually claims to be Lucifer because Lucifer (in this man’s mind) is pure and virtuous.  Being a Shriner is COMPLETELY and TOTALLY incompatible with true Christianity.  It is a fact that there are believers who are caught up in Masonry.  However, a clear and careful examination of the Scriptures will reveal that the evil one is duping many.

11 thoughts on “A Word from a Shriner!

  1. Excellent! The truth about this secret society is revealed from the mouth of one of its sadly deceived followers.

    Just a correction though, I think the preacher meant Matthew 7 not Matthew 5.

    – The Pilgrim


  2. While I know many Shriner’s do believe in accord with the man in the video. It would be nice to have more video, like a set up or something so that we can know exactly what the Christian is doing in TN in the first place.
    It just seems odd to me is all.

    It could be that the man has a demon, i’m just saying he is acting very strange.


  3. Yes, the interviewee is acting very strangely & I certainly couldn’t rule out Willie Grills’s theory. I do also agree with Willie Grills about having more of the video. However, it certainly is eye-opening. I was also wondering what the major differences are between Shriners & Freemasons are.


  4. Caleb,

    Shriners are a degree of freemasonry; 33rd degree masons to be precise.

    See this chart for more detailed information.

    Note: the chart only goes to 32nd degree mason, Shriners or 33rd degree masons are the highest in the order, literally “off the charts” masons.

    In Him,


  5. To be a Shriner, one must have passed through at least to the 32nd degree of Masonry. There is actual research that there may possibly be 7 degrees beyond (or sub-degrees of) the 33rd degree.

    A Shriner is one who has mastered all the light there is to know within Masonry. They have completely bypassed the truth of God’s Word. All “holy” books of each and every religion are equally valid and bearers of truth in the eyes of a Shriner. All religions to a Shriner have their own elements of truth which lead a person to the light which is within themselves, ironically enough EXCEPT for true Christianity.

    True Christianity is considered to narrow and constricting to those who are within the highest degrees of Masonry. A Mason is not allowed to tell his “brother” that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to heaven. The higher a Mason goes, the more diabolical and sinister the order becomes. The blood oaths become even more gruesome until the point where you are willing to swear allegiance as a Shriner to the moon god of Islam, which ultimately is an allegiance to the evil one, Lucifer himself, who masquerades as an angel of light!

    The Desert Pastor


  6. The Desert Pastor is right, I know many Masons and almost all of them happen to be Shriner’s. Mason’s (I guess this goes without saying) are highly influential in many communities. I have had a number of run-ins with them in my own town. If you speak against them it can be hard to find employment.
    They do frown upon Christianity or any other type of organized religion other than Masonry. Yet they fool themselves by thinking that the Shriner’s hospital and other good deeds will get them into heaven.
    We should evangelize the Mason’s just a sure as we do the Jehovah’s Witnesses or the Mormons.


  7. I read albert pike said lucifer is god, and alister crowley was the centurys most notourist satanist…..so why would anyone who believes in GOD,( notice this GOD has capital letters, pikes doese`nt,) want to be a member of a club like this?……GOD help us all………


  8. My goodness, to think these people are walking amongst us! Maybe I said hi to someone just like him the other day while I was getting gas? This is truly sad…their so-called freedom is nothing more than pretty chains of bondage.


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