Who will be sharing the stage with John Piper?

The list of those invited to speak at John Piper’s 2008 National Conference includes Mark Driscoll (see this post from Coram Deo). In the following video of John Piper, he does his best to “defend” and “justify” why he has invited Mark Driscoll.

But while the debate rages over Mark Driscoll’s appearance at this conference, it seems that there’s much less  discussion over another individual who is scheduled to speak at this same conference. His name is Paul Tripp. And Paul Tripp has a little video in which he discusses What makes bad language bad?

I was hesitant to post the video of Paul Tripp due to its nature (I refused to watch the whole thing myself) but I think it illustrates for people the severity by which John Piper is compromising by having people like Driscoll and Tripp at his conference.

I have reservations about posting the video on DefCon, but for those who simply wouldn’t believe it if I told them about it, here’s the link to the video of Paul Tripp’s flippant use of profanity (you have been warned).

4 thoughts on “Who will be sharing the stage with John Piper?

  1. I don’t see much wrong with the language lesson. And with Mark Driscoll why is it that he is hated on so much by the church, I can somewhat understand the hate for Rob Bell, Brian Mclaren, Doug Pagitt, but Mark Driscoll? He is not like them just cause he challenges people a bit. Actually I don’t understand the hatred for brother and sisters in Christ.


  2. thesoulofthecreator,

    No one here hates Mark Driscoll. The truth is that true believers love Jesus Christ and desire for those who profess Him to honor Him as commanded in scripture. When men like Mark Driscoll, who claim Christ and who hold the office of a pastor revile and mock Christ in word and deed then they must be confronted, corrected, and rebuked in truth and love so that they might repent and turn away from their trespass and sin. This is true Christian love.

    You’ve simply confused love with hate.

    In Christ,


  3. Ok I understand this is supposed to be out of Christian love. If it is out of Christian love could you tell me what exactly is wrong with Driscoll in word and deed. I’m coming from a pentecostal background where I respect those who’ve advanced the Kingdom whether it is Driscoll, Macarthur, Graham, Bell, Mcclaren, Warren or Joe pastor down the street. We are all in this together.


  4. There are many important problems and issues facing the Church, but the most important one seems to get bypassed almost completely.

    That issue is this: The Church, the Body of Christ, has gotten completely away from its true calling and mandate.

    Check out my site if you’re willing. It’s time we stop dancing around with this or that issue or debate, and focus instead on getting back to who and what we’re supposed to be.

    I don’t mean to come across as high-minded or self-important, but let’s start dealing with the real issue.


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